EVERY YESHIVA AND BUSINESS IS A TARGET: Another Day Of Insane Enforcement In Boro Park And Flatbush


Inspectors from multiple city agencies are once again running around Boro Park, doling out hefty fines to Mosdos, Yeshivas and businesses.

The Inspectors were armed with lists of only Jewish institutions and businesses, leaving many to question if this is a targeted attack against Jews.

A photo of one of the lists was provided to YWN, after a local resident photographed it as it sat inside a city vehicle parked outside a Yeshiva.

Notice not one non-Jewish institution is on this list. (Attached below)

YWN can confirm through highly credible sources that at least one Yeshiva that is CLOSED had a fine plastered on their building today.

Another interesting document photographed and provided to YWN today is a letter of instructions from a “Melinda Rogers”, from what appears to be the NYC Buildings Department.

“Great job yesterday!”, the letter reads.

YWN readers can read the letter themselves (posted below).

Meanwhile, among the businesses ordered closed today by Inspectors was Boro Park Lumber. They were told they are a “non-essential” business. That leaves the question why Home Depot was allowed to remain open in the heat of COVID (in March), due to it being an “essential business”.

But don’t expect an answer from anyone…. It’s open season on the Jews right now in NYC.



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  1. Let’s see how many Jewish and non-Jewish anti-Semites and useful idiots still say things like “it’s only for thier benefit so that they should follow the safety laws”

    When you read some of the comments here and on other social media sites you come to the conclusion that Cuomo and De Blasio can come straight out and say “Hitler didn’t finish the job” and those people will still defend them and blame the frum world for the comments

  2. I believe all Home Depots and Lowes will be closing as well. Supposed to be happening real soon. Rush there and get your wood and supplies fast.

  3. 5TR:

    Even obeying the law results in getting a citation and fine. The mayor needs to be recalled, and arrested by federal authorities to be charged with religious discrimination. The governor, too. They can share a cell.

  4. Rif, Hitler didn’t kill Jews immediately when he came into power. First came the anti-Semitic laws. Jews didn’t believe what Hitler and his henchmen were capable of until it was too late. Stop being stupid, read about our history. This is the first step to further persecution if we don’t speak out and if we don’t turn to Hashem. And of of course, with such enthusiastic support from todays’ bootlicking kapos commenting on frum news we defifnitely see history repeating itself.

  5. BP Lumber is definitely an essential business as defined by governors executive order found at https://esd (dot) ny (dot) gov/guidance-executive-order-2026

    4. Essential retail including

    grocery stores including all food and beverage stores
    convenience stores
    farmer’s markets
    gas stations
    restaurants/bars (but only for take-out/delivery)
    —-hardware, appliance, and building material stores—— (Did BP Lumber transition to childrens clothing when we werent looking?)

  6. smerel … what an analogy!!!!
    as the gemara says im ain chochma havdala minaayin.
    do you shake the hand of the goy doctor who does surgery to save your life, or bite it?
    youd probably bite his hand…. “der anteh semit”

  7. 5T, Obey laws that discriminate? And Rif, because the discrimination has not yet reached the level of kill the filthy Jews, there’s no comparison. This is a very serious situation. They could claim “health” and they may even mean “health”, but at the end f the day they are discriminating against us – a Breonna Taylor concert could go on, but a Satmar wedding not………….

  8. Mishlei 21:1 – “Like channeled water is the mind of the king in the LORD’s hand; He directs it to whatever He wishes.”
    Instead of screaming about antisemitism the Klal needs to look inward and see what evil in our midst needs to be driven out. In the Red Zone of Monsey there is blatant Masig G’vual of a widow’s property from a crooked judge who issued his order the day after Yom Kippur. Within a week Governor/King Cuomo began to direct his wishes against the klal. Is this wickedness the only reason we have such tzar in our communities? Most likely not but what wickedness we are aware of, we must get rid of in the hope Hashem will complete the task of driving out the evil from our midst and have mercy on our communities.

  9. The only thing I see as being wrong, and potentially horribly wrong, is this that the lists only contain info on Jewish institutions. Big question mark there.

  10. Leo123456
    Melinda Rogers – Deputy Chief at NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    ANY LONGER!!!!!!!
    It must have been a “good one” !!

  11. The secular media sites are painting religious Jews as Anarchists while secular Jews that are REAL anarchists are rioting with thugs and leftists.

    And comments on those sites are NOT interested in our wellbeing.

  12. Not letting kids go to Cheder is not murder? Closing Yiddens stores and parnossas is not murder? Wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.

  13. No. Kids not going to school isn’t murder when you can home school them. Closing stores and offices isn’t murder either because you can work from home.

    Also, I’m a jew who’s a proud Democrat. A Democrat with morals, ethics and honesty.. I’m very happy with what’s happening in BP and I’m even helping. You’d think people would have learned their lesson by now, you’d think people would have common sense but alas, the community did this to themselves. But just to make sure : If you want to be left alone, just follow the damn rules.. By defying, you’re only making it worse….

  14. 1

    I have no ideas what steps you want me to study but I do know a lot about Jewish and non-Jewish.

    So two point

    (1)Virtually every singe anti-Semitic government in history claimed to have altruistic motive
    “For your good” was a top of list excuse for most of them.


    (2)Virtually every anti-Semitic government had it’s Jewish anti-Semites and useful idiots who defended them or blamed other Jews for their behavior. But for that you don’t need to know history.

    You see it daily on the comments on YWN and other social media.

  15. EZZY:

    I’m very happy with what’s happening in BP and I’m even helping.

    Give us your full name so we can have you in mind by V’Lamalshiinm.

    May you and you alone meet the same end as Chaim Rumkowski

  16. Our generous leaders are looking out for our “wellbeing”. That’s why they’re sending the media to hound us, they’re harassing us with lockdowns and fines… From the goodness of their hearts. They mean us, the Orthodox Jews. We better comply to all their executive orders.
    During the BLM riots there were no lockdowns and fines and hounding and bashing by the media, even if the rioters didn’t follow the rules. As a matter of fact they were even aided and abetted by our dear governor and mayor. Goes to show our leaders don’t care for the BLM rioters wellbeing. What racists!

  17. Ezzy, some schools don’t use Zoom for religious reasons, or do you only respect homosexual lifestyles, if Trump imposed these rules you would be screaming bloody murder, how are small retail owners supposed to “work at home”, you are “very happy” that they are being destroyed (both in the first lockdown and this one) even though they had nothing to do with this “second wave”.

    As far as people “not following the rules”,

    “Rockland’s positive test rate seven-day average, considered a better estimate of virus presence than daily rates, was 3.03% on Monday. Statewide, the seven-day rolling average was 1.17%… Our micro clusters have the higher infection in our state,” Cuomo said. “But the rate of infection in our micro cluster or our red zone is lower than most states’ statewide number … most states would welcome the infection rate in our red zones”

    (source: Lohud)

  18. @m @5tresident @rif

    This is serious stuff. They are anti-Semitic. So many places have the right qualifications to be red zones, but are missing one part: They arent Jews(!!!!!) Did you see the picture?? There were only names of Jewish institutions on the list. Even if you want to argue that the Jews are causing trouble ( and I disagree), THERE ARENT ANY NON JEWISH PLACES ON THE WHOLE LIST!!! NONE!!! YOU CANT SAY THAT THERE ARE NO GOYISHE PLACES NOT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS.

    You are justifying cruel anti-semitism, nazi behavior, and the actions of huge reshaim!!!!!!! It shouldnt be hard to see whats going on!

  19. Ezzy:
    Evidently, it takes a special sort of “vision” to be a democrat.
    How do you explain that the inspectors’ list had only Jewish schools? Why not check non-Jewish schools? How do you explain them closing the Boro Park Lumber hardware store which is allowed to be open? Etc.

    Further, how exactly do you “work from home” if you count on retail traffic to your store to earn a living?

    The answer is plain to those who look with plain vision: this is obviously an unlawful and cruel targeting of Jews. It is mind-boggling that some Jews don’t see plain reality.

  20. Ezzy,

    Idk who you are but I do not believe Democrats have anything to do with “morals, ethics and honesty” anymore. They trashed that entirely. As for you proud Jewish Democrat- before “helping” them, perhaps ask your local Rabbi if whatever you do to “help” is okay with the “One Above” and HIS laws. For the record- I do not live anywhere close to NY, I abide by all laws, specifically laws pertaining to Covid-19. And I also use my G-D given seichel, I don’t necessarily needs laws to tell me to guard my health but to function as a society, we do. I am proud to first and foremost adhere to the Torah laws. I too have many questions on what’s been going on in BP, but I dare not enjoy when other Jews are in pain, regardless the reason! Oh, before I forget; I will be voting straight Republican- I love this country and my family too much to watch it go down the drain.

  21. These are public servants just trying to pay their bills. Leave them alone. Think the summons was illegal? Talk to the administrative judge. Stop harassing inspectors who often times don’t even get paid very much for what can be very challenging work.

    “It’s open season on the Jews right now in NYC” – what an irresponsible thing for Yeshiva World to write. 11230, my zip code in Midwood, has the highest number of cases in the entire City. I for one am glad inspectors are shutting down places that ignore guidelines and put people’s lives at risk.

    Don’t want to get a summons? Just return to where you were in March and April. I didn’t see anyone harass inspectors then.

  22. While I am not happy about Cuomo & mayor, I can not believe the comments on this site. After hundreds of choshuva people died from Corona most still prefer to ignore simple rules. Someone asked about government killing Jews, it the people who don’t wear masks, and not social distance are killing other Jews. Stop playing the Jewish card, the rules are against not all Jews (like it was in Germany) but only to those communities who are openly breaking the law. Today frum Jews don’t follow health rules, tomorrow it may be something else. If we are here to pick which laws are convenient for us, so why do we pay tax to evil government, we can just use this money for something better. When will people wake up, that until we get the vaccine it’s mamash lives are at stake, and breaking the health rules is not like double parking.

  23. With such Jewish friends who need enemies

    When you will be in our shoes I know you would talk different

    You can’t sit in LAKEWOOD, FLATBUSH or elsewhere and just say your opinion come here (BORO PARK) for 1 day and you will (would) talk different

  24. In the early 30s, when Hitler began speaking negatively about the Jews and inciting hatred against them, many Jews in Germany had the same reasoning as some of you in the comment section. They blamed the Polish Jews who were living among them illegally, who were mostly poor because they had fled from Poland, and were not as polished. They blamed the Jews who were Communist and those who spoke out against the Nazi party because it brought negative attention their way. They thought, “If only everyone complied then we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

    I don’t think every step the government takes to enforce the guidelines is directly anti-Semitic, but if you think critically and look at the facts it’s clear that something isn’t kosher here.

    Just food for thought.

  25. as of Tuesday Cuomo has a new line. it’s all Trumps fault. every single death is Trumps fault. The man has no shame or morals whatsoever. He’ll say anything just its not his fault. what a lowlife . the president gave him everything he asked for without delay, and now this is what he repays. a real spaccim

  26. I sort of fell like a unaffiliated bystander who has been watching from the sidelines, so to speak. No one is fully right and no one is fully wrong. HOWEVER – I must say that for WAY TOO LONG we just did whatever we wanted to do, BASICALLY IGNORING WHAT WE WERE TOLD TO DO. Pointing out that the Mayor has double standards is true, but it doesn’t give us permission to ignore everything we are asked to do. Finally, we pushed them over the edge. Now it’s hunting season. TOO LATE NOW. It’s terrible but we acted like we own NYC and ignored everyone forgetting that we are THE TINIEST MINORITY IN THE US. Jews none the less. WE COMPLETELY FORGOT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE IN GALUS. We have to act with humility even to idiotic politicians. Behind the scenes we need to work with them, but not to INCITE THEM. They are now showing us whose boss, and it hurts. והוא רחום יכפר עון

  27. Those summonses can easily be fought on the basis that the inspectors didn’t even see anything. In their note they are given instructions to wright as if they saw stuff that folks wrote in the notes to their complaint. Is that a normal thing that if someone sends in a complaint the inspector writes it into the summons as if he saw it?
    Those Mosdas should download the video from their camera showing that at the time the inspector wrote that he saw a bus dropping off kids there were no buses in site, and they should sue the government and the inspector personally for false accusations.

  28. Enough already! Everyone should just move to Arkansas or Alabama or Mississippi, where abortion is illegal, masks aren’t worn, and racism agains blacks is alive and well. I’m sure frum jews will be welcomed with open arms.

  29. Ezzy – “Closing stores and offices isn’t murder either because you can work from home”
    If any way we can work from home, why do not stop paying tax to NY and open businesses in another state?

  30. Ezzy says,
    “I’m a Jew who’s a proud Democrat with morals, ethics, and honesty.”
    “I’m very happy with what’s happening in BP, and I’m even helping.”
    These two statements cannot be uttered in the same breath, by the same person. These are polar opposites. They can’t coexist. Ever. Its like saying a human being is a dog. Or a dog is a human being. Sorry.

    I assume you are the second statement. What exactly are you happy about and what are you even helping????

  31. Ezzy, I’m sorry but your comment is extremely insensitive. Not everyone has the luxury to work from home. Also, most students learn poorly on Zoom.

  32. Boropark and Flatbush are being targeted but not Crown Heights or Williamsburg! Not Chabad or Satmar! Why? Are they virus free or do they have shlep?! Chabad has connections in government and Satmar know how to shmeer politicians. Why don’t they (chabad and satmar) help us in Boropark and Willie. We gotta help each other!!!

  33. I’ve just seen another video elsewhere which prompted me to comment again – they aren’t just looking to find violations in Jewish areas. They’re giving citations to Jews with NO EVIDENCE OF VIOLATION. You don’t need to be violating the mandate to be cited in NYC, being a Jew makes you guilty enough.

    So, to all you Cuomo/DeBlasio apologists in the comments here, WAKE UP!!!

  34. @ HaKatan-“How do you explain that the inspectors’ list had only Jewish schools? Why not check non-Jewish schools? ”
    Public Schools and non Jewish private school are closed, therefore they weren’t on the inspectors’ list. It’s as simple as that. Stop crying anti-semitism.

  35. This is terrible!! We’re only ok targeting specific groups of people when its minorities by cops, but not when it’s Jews by reporters! This is so much worse!!!

  36. Here is an idea no one has thought of.
    As many people as possible should take the test. Then when there is so many negative results it will lower the percentges.
    If all the people who have had it can take the test once a week so that way they can be sure it will be negative it will change the whole demographics

  37. Reading some of the “they brought it on themselves” comments here you would think the government had been spending the months before this begging people to social distance when in reality they were encouraging the George Floyd protests and in essence telling people not to.

    And reading some of the “for you own good” comments you would think a place like Lakewood or Williamsburg which isn’t subject to the red zone rules you would have people dying like flies from Corona.

    And reading “they are all really breaking the rules” comments you would that would be the situation in Boro Park too.

  38. The Little I Know:

    Any citation given without cause should be addressed in court. There are plenty of lawyers willing to sue the city. Simple as that.

  39. Let me say this: I was raised by Holocaust survivors. My mother was in Auschwitz and died 14 years ago with her number still on her arm. My 90 year old uncle still has his. So I know all about the Holocaust. My mother knew Mengele face to face and was experimented on by him.

    Anyone who REMOTELY compares what Cuomo and DiBlasio are doing to the rise of Hitler is a complete and utter dunce. I’d use stronger language but then my post won’t get past the censors.

    Anyone who compares what a couple of cheap local politicians who are themselves disliked across the country, especially DiBlasio, who is a laughingstock after his joke of a presidential campaign, are doing here knows NOTHING about history and dishonors the memory of every one of the kedoshim who was murdered and every survivor who still bears the scars.

    You want to say they are acting like bullies and thugs, you can say that. Don’t compare anyone to Hitler. All you are doing is making yourself look stupid.

  40. Herr Blasio Von Vilhelm seems to have forgotten To FINE Stores and Bodegas in other NY Neighborhoods with Double Hospitalizations, such as in Corona, Starrett City, East NY, Bed Sty, Coney Island, East Flatbush, Bronx,- It shows that Herr Blasio Von Vilhelm does NOT care about HEALTH. Just Fining Jews #Fascism

  41. 5TResident:
    Knowing Holocaust survivors and their stories doesn’t make you an authority on this subject. If you’d research the rise of Nazism in Germany and the slow rise of animosity toward the Jews, which quickly increased in pace in the later 30s and ultimately ended in the incarceration, pursuit, torture and murder of millions you’d understand why people are concerned. By historical accounts and factual evidence, the early 30s in Germany were not much different than what we’re experiencing today.
    The Jews were well-off, established, enjoyed high positions in every prestigious field. They were friendly with their neighbors and lived beautiful lives. All it took was negative media campaigns and gradual marginalization for it to turn into outright beatings in the streets and persecution.

    No one is trying to compare our present situation to the holocaust itself. Astute individuals recognize a pattern of behavior which replicates that of the Germans in the early 30s as they began to ‘other’ the Jews who were living among them.

    The claim that we’re spreading the virus – of which they refuse to provide evidence;
    the reports of Jewish “gatherings” using images from before the pandemic;
    the climbing in through windows of locked buildings without warrants;
    the writing of citations for ONLY Jewish establishments authorized WITHOUT evidence of violation;
    the targeted “enforcement” sent in droves ONLY to our community;
    the summons being given to Jewish businesses who weren’t in violation of any guidelines – literally just because they were Jewish.

    The fact that there’s a report of an anti-Semitic attack almost every day scares me. The fact that government officials knowingly hand out citations without evidence just to Jewish establishments scares me. And the fact that there are so many willfully blind individuals like you scares me the most.

  42. Ezzy is a Rosheh!

    Middos tovos is based on what the Torah says is good not what you decide. You have no integrity!

    I’m surprised to see the foolishness of many of our fellow Yidden. This trend of Anti YID is very scary. It is not based on facts, health, or even “the law”.

    They create rules and punishments as they see fit… looking to control the masses with punishment….

    It never starts off with death, nor do they come out and say we hate you… on the contrary it is always done “for our benefit”.

    Pharoh used that strategy and all the dictators after him used it as well