Councilman Yeger Blasts DeBlasio After Inspectors Block Hydrants In Boro Park To Write Summonses


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Councilman Yeger minced no words in a tweet Tuesday morning, as he called out Mayor DeBlasio.

“Good morning Mr. @NYCMayor”, the tweet begins.

“While your Quota Agents are busy stalking the Jews, maybe they don’t block the fire hydrants in my district? Or does the law only apply to *some* people?”

YWN spoke to Councilman Yeger who told us this vehicle was parked in Boro Park near a Yeshiva on Tuesday morning.

“It’s just sickening that City Hall has quota agents terrorizing our store-owners, businesses, Yeshivas and Shuls, but they flaunt the law in the process,” Yeger said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Come Mr. Yeger, you’re trying to get law obedience out of this clown? He painted the street with his huge Black Lives Matter – wholly illegal- yet the woman who defaced his illegal paint job got arrested. Don’t you know how it works? It’s like the old” heads, I win – tails, you lose” of yesteryear!

  2. The NYPD should have all their vehicles towed. And revoke their licenses. Cuomo, De Blasio, and their irritable henchmen are the antithesis to democracy. They belong in Siberia. Or any other third world hell.

  3. I believe the word Yeger was looking for was flout, not flaunt.
    It’s curious that they would be out writing summons’ for stores which are NOT in violation, while violating the laws themselves. This whole situation is so anti-Semitic, it’s sickening. My passport is ready.

  4. Summons to empty Stores or schools with the German mayor and the idiot in Albany can you expect anything else
    The real question is why do frummies vote democratic