WATCH: Late Night Host Stephen Colbert Appears To Swipe “Hasidic” Singer Shulem Lemmer


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Did late night comedian show host Stephen Colbert make fun of a Hasidic singer? That’s the question social media exploded with on Tuesday afternoon.

As can be seen in the video below, Colbert appears to be taking a swipe at Hasidic singer Shulem Lemmer, when mentioning there being a Hasidic singer in the lineup of artists recruited by the DOH to inform the public about COVID.

Lemmer responded on Twitter, trying to get the attention of Colbert.

“Hey @StephenAtHome, thanks for the shout-out! Though my involvement in this project was purely an attempt at Covid awareness, I’d love to join you on the @colbertlateshow sometime. And don’t worry, if you’re not happy, I’ll get you an Xbox.”

Twitter has since exploded with responses.

See below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. When did we become ‘the snowflakes’? Am I missing something? The punchline is they didnt get ‘mainstream famous’ people. There is nothing offensive in this!

  2. The truth is that I cringed when I saw the name of a Chasid in a list as “prestigious” as this one.

    The gentiles have their forms of entertainment, very different from ours.
    We weren’t put on this world to entertain gentiles.

    Perhaps that was the message here.

    On a simple level, there is nothing anti-Chasidic about Colbert’s remark.
    R’ Lemmer, in his opinion, is not as “entertaining” as the gentiles in the list preceding him. That’s all.

  3. Oh please, everyone calm down. He was clearly making fun of the fact that Trump only got very minor celebrities, he wasn’t davka attacking Shulem. Shulem may be very talented, but he isn’t on the fame level of the first group that Colbert listed. How can so many of the same people who complain constantly about PC culture suddenly be so sensitive?

  4. just like Stephan is allowed to poke fun at any other superstar in the world he can also poke fun of a hasidic one, he does not follow the jewish code of law with regards to speaking lashon hara and motzi shem ra and his intentions were NOT TO BE ANTI SEMITIC. and mr Bennett it is totally inappropriate for you to get involved period your politicizing something that doesn’t exist hello were in galus low profile!!if shulem is insulted then he can answer back mr colbert publicly but the rest of klal yisroel shoudl keep their mouths closed this is not an anti semitic attack enough I have absolutely had it

  5. Honestly- did anyone even listen to the video? “im sure he is very talented”.

    Stephen has no idea who Shulem is- as well as thousands of other music artists.
    He was making a joke how people were hoping for “A” list well known celebrity names, and what they received were “B” or even “G” list names. Mention Taylor Swift’s name and you will have a high recognition rate in this country. Mention Shulem and I bet its less than 1%.

    As a big fan of Shulem I see nothing more than a joke being made. You can insert literally millions of other names to that list and get a similar affect.

    By attacking Stephen specifically for this you are joining in the dangerous cancel culture that is destroying freedom of speech in America.

    It was a joke.

  6. Why would anyone contacted by Caputo to do these so called “public service” video clips have accepted once they did minimal research on the background of this quarter BILLION dollar PR campaign to promote Trump’s covid policies. Read yesterday’s WSJ article about the Mall Santa Claus clowns who were told by Caputo they would be among the first to get vaccinated if they participated. As some may be unaware, Caputo was a former lobbyist for Russia (among others) and Trump loyalist with ZERO background in public health issues who was installed at HHS to assure that all messaging conformed to the Trump “happy face” story about fighting Covid. He contacted Lemmer among 40 or 50 other “influencers” including Madonna and Lady Gaga to participate. Virtually all either ignored the invites or backed out once they learned about this whole boondoggle and didn’t want to be “used” as a political prop. Lemmer, who I agree is one of the most talented Jeiwsh singers today (listen to his fantastic star spangled banner rendition at the baseball opener) somehow was one of the ony 2 or 3 who actually participated in the campaign before it was cancelled and he was forced to resign (amid claims had a nervous breakdown or other “personal” issues). Colbert is clearly a Trump-hater but he is not anti-antisemitic and focusing on a chassidic singer as the only celebrity to go along with the effort was typical for his nightly anti-Trump rants.

  7. The possibility of a Trump Victory made Colbert and his bosses snap. Had Lemmer not had sidelocks, Colbert wouldnt have mentioned him. The network should be boycotted. Im not sure Lemmer wont gain from this in the end, but still…

  8. Come on, man!
    As much as I dislike Mr. Colbert’s political ideology, he is not mocking Shulem Lemmer’s Yiddishkeit.
    He is stating that the average Goy (not knowing Mr. Lemmer’s skill and talent) would be disappointed after being told they would get an “A-list” performer and ended up with a “chasidic” singer.
    He does say, in a friendly tone, that he is sure that “he” (Lemmer) is very talented.

    Please use your energy to get out the vote instead of giving this lib Colbert free publicity.

  9. What a hilul HaShemn for YWN to promote and any frum Jew to appear together with this evil corrupt lying sleazebag who is in the business to poison souls of young Americans.

  10. quiet introspection would be sufficient here.
    Steven Colbert did not mean any harm or denigration. Comedians poke fun at anyone. at the same time he obviously has different taste and appreciation than most of “us”. that’s a good thing to remember especially for those who listen and enjoy him .

  11. Kollel Faker: In case you are serious, which I doubt, Steven Colbert is one of the most well an American comedians, political commentators, and late-night television hosts. He is best known to most Americans for hosting the satirical Comedy Central program , “The Colbert Report” for about 10 years before he took over the Tonight show when David Letterman retired a few years ago. Perhaps some of the CR regulars who drag themselves into to the late minyanim catch portions of his nightly show but I doubt he has high ratings among the Kollel and vasikim crowd.