SEE IT: Boro Park Turns Trump Country – Flags Hung All Over 13th Avenue [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


It appears the Boro Park community really wants to show the MAGA support.

Residents woke up on Thursday morning to find flags draped all across many street corners of 13th Avenue – in the heart of the Jewish community.

Flags hanging included Trump2020, American flags as well as the NYPD “back the blue” flags.

The Orthodox Jewish community overwhelmingly voted Trump in 2016, and will be doing the same next Tuesday.



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See the videos and photos (by Heshy Rubenstein) below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I thought it was illegal to place posters on City property. I assume this is also illegal and will be removed. The Trump campaign can also be fined for each poster or flag.

  2. Let’s see… Biden is up by 30 points in New York. Yeah, this waste of time and fabric will totally help. Glad they were hanging signs instead of learning Torah or doing chesed for the thousands of families that lost mishpacha to COVID. Real tzaddikim.

  3. Yeah, maybe you should all stay home and let Biden get 100%, so hate crimes can soar unreported.
    Have you ever heard of “you are not alone”? When people see they’re not the only ones, and there’s some type of momentum, others come out of the shadows. That’s how movements start. Who knows, maybe there’s other people there who also feel the same way.
    Otherwise, you get a single digit voter participation rate, and they all go for one candidate, because like the saying goes every 2-4 years, “your vote doesn’t matter”. But maybe it does? How would we ever know??

  4. Let me tell you why it’s important for Orthodox Jews to openly show their support by these flags and Trump car parades going on last week and this Sunday as well. There are many non orthodox secular Jews who look up to the Orthodox Jew on their political opinions,especially if there is an enthusiasm. It’s like a half religious Jew wants to know if a certain restaurant is kosher and sees a frum family with black hats eating there,then he too will know it’s kosher. The Trump car parade through manhattan has also given many in the silent majority to come out publicly for Trump. They figure if Jews have no fear to drive down manhattan with hundreds of Trump cars,why should they be afraid. I spoke to many non religious Jews as well as non Jews who were on the fence or afraid to show their enthusiasm for Trump are now open. It broke the ice so to speak. Even Antifa is on the defensive claiming they are not anti Semitic. All this began in Boro park on Sukkas as jews danced with Trump flags. You can’t imagine how much excitement it caused across middle America. Thank you matzav for sharing these wonderful Trump pictures. Thank you.

  5. @jew yorker- We’re not looking for a spouse, chavrusa, or roommate. We’re trying to pick the best individual, all things included, for the Jewish community. Please explain how Biden is better than Trump in the context of THIS framework?

  6. To all the defensive ywn commenters contorting themselves into a pretzel trying to shtim trump’s boorish behavior with our principals that have made us into an am nivchar, back off! Moreover, lebron 06– your ywn monicker is perfect because like lebron you know very little of what u speak. Happens to be I’m a staunch conservative and a supporter of the president. I’m not a supporter of what’s going on in BP and the worship of trump as a mythical savior of our people. And Michael23 u can show your hakaras hatov at the ballot box without compromising our frumkeit with flag waving, mask burning or whatever other riffraff is going on in BP now.

  7. nyny – No. There are no “secular” Jews looking to the Orthodox community to figure out who to vote for. Especially not people who so isolate themselves that they have no idea what’s going on in the world outside the daled amos of Boro Park and Lakewood. Biden will get 75% of the Jewish vote. Maybe more. Why? Because he’s a mensch with a 40+ year record of politically moderate accomplishments, who is supported by hundreds of Republican governors, senators, political advisors, and is steady calming leadership in very turbulent times. Until March 2020, Republicans universally agreed that, while they may not always agree with Biden’s political opinions, they respect him as a person of integrity. Go watch Lindsey Graham’s tear-filled interview about Biden. He also has a 40-year record of being a staunch support of Israel who kept anti-Israel policies out of the Democratic Platform. You can’t throw up a few slogans (“he’s corrupt!” “did nothing in 47 years” “is a radical!”) and expect people to believe it when there is decades of evidence to the contrary. Biden is also more representative of Jewish Torah values… modesty, aiding the widow, orphan, and stranger, doing equal justice, paying workers a fair wage, humility.
    jdf700 – Hate to break it to you… YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT. Not nationally, anyway. If you don’t like that, lobby to get rid of the electoral college. Hate crimes… you do realize that Trump is president now, and has been president for almost 4 years. The hate crimes, riots, pandemic, economic collapse are all here now on Trump’s watch.

  8. I think this is great! We owe Trump tremendous hakaros hatov for what he has done for this country as well as for what he has done re: Israel and the ME. KAG 2020!!!