MAILBAG: Never Say Never! Why a “Never Trumper” Voted For Trump


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(By: B.A. Mentch)

Four years ago, in early November 2016, I wrote a scathing article about President Trump titled: The “A to Z Bumps. Why I – an Ohio Republican Frum Jew – Will Never Vote For Trump!”.

Although I feel that nearly all of what I previously wrote stands true, I have now decided the time has come for me to support the reelection of President Trump. Looking ahead, I believe he deserves another term.

Consider the following;

  • Leader: He has proven over the last 4 years that, even with all his deficiencies and shortcomings, he is still able to effectively run our country.
  • Incumbent: While to elect a president whose moral faults may be incorrect, an incumbent who has proven their competency should be considered for reelection, despite their shortcomings.
  • Law and Order: President Trump has supported law and order, and although the right to freedom of assembly and protest is a cherished right, violence is to be condemned, not condoned.
  • Coronavirus Lockdowns: Former Vice President Joe Biden, if elected president, would strongly consider implementation of another nationwide lockdown, which would hurt every facet of our society and economy, with long term negative ramifications, which would outweigh the benefits of controlling the current pandemic.
  • Gratefulness: As Jews, we should to be grateful to President Trump for being extremely supportive of religious freedom and the rights of State of Israel, including advocating a fair and just peace in the Middle East.

With these points in mind, I have voted this year for the reelection of President Donald Trump, and I recommend everyone to consider them when casting their ballot.

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  1. I pointed out that we were not greatful to Og king of Bashan for saving Lot because his intentiion was to get Avraham Avinu killed and marry Sarah, simularly Trump does things for his own and family’s benefit.

  2. Very ignorant example. Even Moshe Rabbeinu was afraid of the potential merit that Og had. We cannot read minds and have no true idea of thier motives. We know of Og’s motives from the fact that his merits did not count.
    It has been demonstrrated that Biden is a liar when it comes to his finances. Trump , it is still up in the air

  3. “reb” Eliezer, that is a lie – you should have said (and spell correctly) that “Biden does things to enrich himself and his family”, but even if it were true, the things Trump will do in office will benefit us more than what Biden will do, no matter what his intentions are. Why don’t you go pick up a few freebies in Dollar General with the other Biden supporters before Trump gets re-elected?

  4. You’re no Reb, Eliezer. How how his family benefited? Please, name just one example? This man may be the greatest president we’ve ever had, and you’re mimicking fake news headlines. He’s only been nominated three times fir the Nobel peace prize. Is there anything else he can do for you?

  5. @Reb Eliezer:
    You are absolutely WRONG. When Moshe Rabbeinu was told to fight Sichon which was ruled by OG, Chazal say that Moshe was concerned since Klal Yisroel OWES HAKAROS HATOV TO OG for telling Avrohom that Lot was captured etc.

  6. Reb:

    Nonsense. Trump has as much patriotism for America as anybody, something you could never say about the Dems. I do agree that gratitude should not be the basis to be elected. I would vote for Trump if I agreed with his policies. His incumbency and track record, indicate that he can implement his plans. The Dems have consistently failed to accomplish that. Their campaign promises were dismal failures. And Biden is even worse, because he tries to talk like a moderate while being a good little puppet for the socialists and commies that control him.

    I stand in awe on the successes Trump has amassed while needing to be busy defending himself from the steady stream of hoaxes. As a doer, he has earned our votes. Oh, he lies. But not about things that matter. Can’t say that about Biden and keep a straight face.

  7. Why aren’t the Rabbaniem and Rosh Hayeshivah’s encouraging EVERYONE in their Kehillos and Yeshiva’s to go and vote for President Trump? Obviously, everything that’s going to happen on November 3rd is already decided from the one above, but we have to do our Hishtadlus. The Yeshiva’s should set a specific time for the bochurim & yungerlite to go and vote. It can really make a difference!!

  8. TO Reb Eliezer you forgot a Rashi in Parshas Chukas Perek 21 Posuk 34. Moshe Rabainu was indeed afraid to fight Og because he told Avraham Avinu about Lot. Hashem had to reassure him.

  9. Eliezer:
    Ywn has already printed multiple articles and letters from Rebbes and RABBANIM telling us how much Hakarat Hatov we owe the president. Including Gedolei Hador who are asking all of Klal Yisroel to vote for Trump. I am sorry that you were left out. I wonder why.

  10. Trump has no emphaty and no feelings. His charitable foundation was disolved, so we might as well elect a robot which will instute his policies.

  11. Reb Eliezer,

    You’ve made derogatory statements about the President without supporting with examples. You sound like a typical Democratic politician who has painted a false portrait of the president and seeks to convince others of its truth by repeating it over and over without providing any basic support for his statements. Unthinking people come to accept those statements as truth without hesitating to question their validity and veracity.

    Many will agree that the President lies and bends the truth, but it is difficult to argue that he has not achieved an incredible number of accomplishments on behalf of the American people. I have not seen any signs of racism nor lack of love and commitment to the American people unlike lifelong politicians who seem to forget whom they are representing in office. The president does not seek to make money off of the presidency unlike many past presidents who see politics as a means to achieve power and wealth.

    I would challenge you to think for yourself without listening to television ads and talk shows and compare Mr. Trump’s achievements to those of other presidents who have occupied the White House before him.

    If after thinking it through objectively you still hold your current positions then I respect your opinion but respectively choose to disagree with you.

  12. & what did Biden do in the 47 years of public office??

    He enriched himself only while accomplishing nothing for the American people!

    Where’d he get all those millions from??

    Trump on the other hand WAS rich & he LOSSED money while holding public office. He only sought to enrich the American people not himself!

    I’ll choose TRUMP!

  13. I’m guessing that “Reb Eliezer” is really pro-Trump ;-)!
    He only wrote what he did to encourage all of us to indignantly refute his post with words of praise, detailing Trump’s proven accomplishments.