YWN EDITORIAL: The NY Post Once Again Trashes Orthodox Jews In Glaring Double-Standard


The NY Post once again revealed their glaring animus and double standard in reporting about the Orthodox Jewish community of NYC.

As YWN reported, the funeral of Hagaon HaRav David Feinstein was held today in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Approximately 5,000 people attended, while well over 25,000 watched on live streams and thousands more on phone hookups. Without a doubt, tens of thousands of mourners honored the family’s request not to attend personally and stayed away. That the family requested that all attendees wear masks, and as photos show – nearly every single attendee wore masks, was of course completely ignored in the NY Post article. Rest assured, we would have heard about the ‘sacred’ masks if it would have been an issue. It wasn’t.

What the Post did include in its report however, was the following broadside at the end of the article:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio has criticized the Orthodox Jewish community for holding large funerals in Brooklyn. Governor Andrew Cuomo also asked the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to stop holding packed religious gatherings to slow the spread of Covid-19.”

Meanwhile, yesterday the same NY Post published an article about the tens of thousands that celebrated the election of Joe Biden as President. The article, titled “Thousands flock to Times Square to celebrate Joe Biden’s victory”, made absolutely no mention whatsoever of the gatherings being an issue due to COVID-19. It seems, the Post like our Governor & Mayor, only find fault with Orthodox Jews & nobody else. (See Cuomo’s Redzones)

Their hypocrisy is overwhelming, and yes unavoidable.

What has the Orthodox Jewish community ever done to the Post to deserve such persistent negative coverage? Is the community not conservative enough for America’s oldest Newspaper? Does it not warrant fair and unbiased coverage, like any other community? This isn’t the first time the Post has revealed an ugly bigotry against one of New York’s most maligned & persecuted groups. Frankly speaking we’re tired of being everyone’s punching bag. That goes for you too Mr. Governor.

The same paper that calls out Governor Cuomo and Mayor Deblasio for their heavy handedness and COVID mismanagement, is guilty of searing hypocrisy in its relentless negative coverage of religious Jews. How can anyone take the Post seriously when their “reporting” continues to be so blatantly biased against Jews? Why are religious Jews subjected to a negative elbow jab every time an event in our neighborhoods are covered by them? It must be said, these merciless swipes only serve to embolden the haters and anti-semites and there are many. They also inadvertently give political cover to an unchecked, power hungry Governor and an incompetent Mayor the New York Post rails against every day.

The famous saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but the way the Post negatively covers the Orthodox Jewish community, it has to be asked, when and why did Orthodox Jews become the Post’s enemy? Rupert Murdock and Michael Goodwin have many fans and supporters in the Jewish community.

Something is rotten at the NY Post, and we demand answers.

How about the vast readership of YWN RESPECTFULLY contacts the NY Post and RESPECTFULLY voices their utter disgust at the blatant double standard in their reporting? Feel free to contact the Editors at [email protected].

— YWN Editorial Board

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The New York Post has been a sleazy, anti-Semitic, pro-immorality trash paper for many decades whose main claim to fame is pictures of half-dressed females. It’s been like this at least as long as Murdoch owns it and possibly earlier as well. How any Jew can halachicly read that paper? It is improper and worse.

  2. The post is a street rag ,that even a wall street guy doesn’t read.
    They wrote hundreds attended that was good. Unfortunately there were no 5000 study the pics. Unzere did everything to dilute the attendance at the levaya because they were worried mah yomru hanochrim .so here is your answer.

  3. Before you write a letter, I strongly suggest reading the editorial in the post, directly in the post and from the post not off of another website.

  4. The article was very good at the beginning. It doesn’t seem like they were criticizing the gathering. It seems like they were stating facts Some people were worried that the governor or mayor would take action this time too.

  5. Much to do about nothing, the article says there was a funeral, and the Rabbi was a great man, all true.
    The article alone was very sensitive to us, and didn’t knock us for ignoring the rules etc.
    at the end it says and i quote “Mayor Bill de Blasio has criticized the Orthodox Jewish community for holding large funerals in Brooklyn. Governor Andrew Cuomo also asked the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to stop holding packed religious gatherings to slow the spread of Covid-19.”
    I don’t see the issue, they didn’t say we never listen, or anything that derogatory.

  6. I sent a letter. I would focus on writing positively and more generally. Not on an article. then it just becomes you said, i said, you meant, it meant… Just write that you feel that sometimes their articles are biased and explain why you feel that way. Remember “דברי חכמים בנחת נשמעים” so if you get nasty you’ll be ignored whereas if you write positively you’ll be heard at least. another point is that if the email is long (unless you’re a very interesting writer) it will also not be read. So keep it short and factual and calm. I sent mine. Good luck and thank you.

  7. You are right about msm being hypocrytical and that includes the paradoxical garbage/conservative news outlet, the New York Post.

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but perhaps you should internalize the history of our nation and how the vast majority of our “friends” and “allies” were no friends nor allies in the end.

  8. Umm…did anyone read the article in the Post? Doesn’t criticize Jews at all, just says there was a crowd and, agai, that de Blasio has criticized these in the past. Which is 100% accurate and newsworthy. If the Post didn’t have an article, I feel YWN would be criticized for not mentioning a Gadol’s levayah.

  9. Jersey New. I did that and you are right. The article is extremely respectful, could have been written in a Jewish paper. It simply quotes that De blasio and Cuomo have criticized the Jewish community. Almost seems like a critical view of them not us!

  10. I read the NY Post article on their website. There is NOTHING critical from the paper. The Post, which does not like either Gov. Cuomo or Mayor Wilhelm was pointing out THEIR criticism of the Ortodox Jewish community.

  11. I did not yet read the editorial but in general, of the three major NYC papers, the Times, Daily News and the Post, the Post is by far the most favorable to the Frum community. I am specifically referring to editorial policy. Regarding pictures, sadly they’re very problematic to say the least.

  12. That’s because being the rag and filthy paper that it is, most Orthodox Jews don’t buy it so what why not trash us? They have nothing to lose.

  13. I’m surprised to see the Post in frum households. It’s a sensationalist rag not much different than the National Enquirer. What do the dozen photos of half dressed women in each issue add to the paper?

  14. The article was not bad besides for the last paragraph which was really unnecessary to add.
    I wrote a letter asking them what was the objective by including the last paragraph in this article? If they needed to remind everyone it was during Covid maybe they could have written as follows.
    Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have continuously called out on the Orthodox Chassidic Community for conducting religious ceremonies, which is their civil rights. Concurrently, they have been ignoring mass gatherings and even more so, encouraging the public to express their opinions by gathering in superior magnitude simultaneously.
    In addition I asked them to please report fairly. (that would include a specific group being called out and their disregard for the governors rules) If that last paragraph was necessary by the levaya, maybe in the article with the celebrations they should have ended with;
    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s requests to avoid large social gatherings have gone unheeded by constituents of Democratic Party and those supporting President Elect Joe Biden. Their apparent disregard to slow the spread of Covid-19 have caused an uptick in cases in New York.
    I ended the letter with;
    My intention of this letter is not to condemn people for gathering in celebration. But we need to allow EVERYONE to do it equally. As the media, we need to ensure that we do not single out one small group for doing the same as everyone else. We should also not forget our religious and civil rights in the USA, which make us the greatest country.
    Don’t think anyone will get the message anyway, but tried.

  15. As others have already pointed-out, there is nothing in the cited NY Post article that could even remotely construed as exhibiting a negative bias, much less” trashing” of anyone. The final paragraph of the article that you quote and characterize as a “broadside” is in reality nothing more than simple statements of fact. To report on the statements and actions of the Governor and the Mayor is not to endorse them. The overwrought, hysterical, baseless crying wolf exhibited in this YWN editorial is frankly an embarrassment that does no good to any Jews, anywhere.

    Also, the name of the NY Post’s proprietor is properly spelled Rupert Murdoch.

  16. Odds are, the articles were written or edited by OTD people. They contribute to the Anti-Yiddishkeit side of media. In most of America, no one would bother reading about what Observant Jews are up to. It’s not as relevant. The Christians and Muslims are more noticeable in most of America. Also, the lack of derech eretz among “chassidim” make them noticable. The NYT doesn’t have as many articles criticizing Syrian Yidden or the Persian Jewish community.

  17. [MOD: Kindly REMOVE any previously submitted comments of mine from this thread and REPLACE with the following. Thanks and sorry.]
    As others have already pointed-out, there is nothing in the cited New York Post article that can reasonably be construed as exhibiting a negative bias, much less a “trashing” of anyone. The final paragraph of the article that you quote and characterize as a “broadside” is, in reality, nothing more than simple statement of fact. To report on the statements and actions of the Governor and the Mayor is not to endorse them. The overwrought rhetoric and crying wolf exhibited in this YWN editorial is, frankly, an embarrassment. It certainly does us no favors.

    Also, the name of the NY Post’s proprietor is properly spelled Rupert Murdoch.

    As for the standards and quality of the New York Post in general, it, like the UK’s Daily Mail, presents something of a paradox. On one hand, these are both highly sensationalist, lowbrow tabloids whose very stock-in-trade is sordid, salacious gossip and images. On the other hand, both publications are perhaps the least politically correct/Woke/liberal-biased of any major, mainstream daily newspaper. From a perspective of tznius b’pasthtus, shi’miras ha einayim, and shi’miras ha lashon, these tabloids may well present more of a mikshol for frum Yidden than higher brow publications such as the New York Times, etc. But on a deeper level, of corrupt and wicked thinking, views; shitas, the more “respectable” publications may well be the more pernicious and insidious.

    Without endorsing any such publications or web sites, a general eitsah that might be worth sharing is to first disable images in one’s browser before viewing. To do this in Firefox
    1.) Enter about:config into the URL bar and press Enter, then accept the warning that displays
    2.) Into larger bar that appears right under the ULR bar, enter permissions.default.image, then highlight and double-click the line so-named that appears underneath
    3.) Change the value in the new bar that appears to 2
    4.) Save the change by clicking on the blue box with the white check mark inside that appears on the right-hand side

  18. I am surprised that YW did not post the following article from the NY Post, written 11/9/20 at 7:24 by Karol Markowicz. It is titled -Crowds get to celebrate Joe Biden’s victory — but no one else can gather in public?
    Why only the negative?

    Moderators Response: You are quoting an opinion column no different than an opinion column on CNN by a right-winger telling people why they should vote Trump. YWN quoted an article published by the NY Post, and approved by their editors.

  19. Sorry, I did not notice that the article was not written by one of their own. I thought she was an editor, and the opinion of that editor. Once again, sorry for my ignorance.