HISTORIC: Highest Ranking Yarmulka-Wearing NYPD Officer Promoted To Deputy Inspector


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NYPD Captain Richie Taylor was promoted to Deputy Inspector – making him now the highest ranking Yarmulka-wearing member in the NYPD history.

Taylor, who lives in Flatbush, was appointed around six months ago as the NYPD’s Liaison to the Jewish Community working out of Police Headquarters.

Sources tell YWN that Taylor will continue working at the Community Affairs Bureau, but in a higher position.

Taylor is an incredible person devoted to his wife, children and his job, but most of all, he continues making a Kiddush Hashem each day, as he helps thousands of New Yorkers while representing the Jewish community.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. While we wish Dept Inspector Taylor congrats, he is not the highest ranking yarmulka wearing member.
    Inspector Joseph Hoch outranks him and he sits in front of me in shul.

    Moderators Note: For the record, Inspector Hoch does NOT wear a Yarmulka while wearing his uniform. We are sure he does wear one when you see him in Shul though. But to reiterate, Taylor is the highest-ranking Yarmulka-wearing person in the entire NYPD. He proudly wears his Yarmulka when he is picking his children up from Yeshiva, or if he is at a crime scene in the Bronx. It makes no difference.