House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Says Riots Were NOT Caused By Antifa [SEE THE VIDEO]

Picture taken January 6, 2021. REUTERS/Leah Millis

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Congressman Kevin McCarthy spoke on the House floor this morning ahead of a vote to impeach President Donald Trump for inciting insurrection.

House Republican Leader McCarthy made the case against impeachment, saying that a vote to impeach will further divide the nation and fan the flames of partisan division at a time when unity is needed.

In his remarks McCarty made a big statement: “Some say the riots were caused by Antifa. There is absolutely no evidence of that. And conservatives should be the first to say so. Conservatives also know that the only thing that stops mob violence is to meet it with ‘force, rooted in justice and backed by moral courage.’ And last week, we saw mob violence met by courage, sacrifice, and heroism from the brave men and women who protect this institution every day.”



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  1. Another REPUBLICAN idiot McCarthy

    Never trusted the guy. Listen and read to TRUMP speech, he clearly says Protest peacefully.

    On one side they shut down PARLER because the claim that the “RIOTS” were PREPLANNED on PARLER. Then they say it was TRUMP speech. Aren’t they lying? Of course they are!

    ONLY DUMB self destructing REPUBLICANS a fall for the Democrat tactics.

    The GOP is dead!

  2. That’s interesting. Because I saw obvious Antifa types leading the smashing of windows. Have never scene a Trump rally goer wear black helmet and hard shell face mask with plastic shields. Only see those types at Antifa and BLM riots.

    Remember 1933 when Hitler blamed his political enemies for the Reichstag fire…when it was his own thugs who did it. But he declared martial law and took absolute power. History repeating?

  3. tell us mr politician, were the riots caused by, umm, a fraudulent election?
    it’s ok we check the machines? no? oh it’s fine then, you win.

  4. Why do we have all these loony cazoonies in our community? Notice how no antifa idiots were identified? While I do think all antifa people should be prosecuted, there is no excuse for attacking the federal government. Revolutions are almost always bad for us Yidden throughout history.

  5. Well then McCarthy apparently missed what everyone else saw plainly: Hugo Chavez dressed up like a guest on Tactical Bassin’ leading the charge. That Chavez guy is making more rounds than Elvis Pressley these days.

  6. Noway, there’s no evidence that the Nazis burned the Reichstag, and no reason to believe it. The most likely culprit remains the Dutch communist who was arrested for it. But the Nazis made use of it, just as the Democrats are using this riot now, despite the fact that they openly supported and encouraged much worse riots for the last eight years and more, and especially this past summer.

    Yankel, no antifa people identified?! How about John Earle Sullivan?

    As for McCarthy, he says there’s no evidence of Antifa, but how the bad-word would he know? What does he know about Antifa and their tactics? Michael Yon is an actual expert, and a person of unquestioned integrity, and he says he saw with his own eyes clear evidence that Antifa organized and led the break-in. He recognized Antifa tactics that they learned in Hong Kong, where he spent more than six months embedded with the protesters. Go search for his 20-minute interview with Epoch Times, where he explains it all. Against that, what weight do McCarthy’s words have?