WATCH: Emotional Pence Reflects On Past 4 Years, Thanks Trump For Opportunity To Serve As VP


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Former Vice President Pence wished new President Biden and Vice President Harris well as he returned to Indiana on Wednesday afternoon, while also expressing gratitude for his time as vice president.

“It’s been the greatest honor of my life,” Pence said to a small group of supporters, many of whom he said he’d known for years.

“It is great to be home back home again. Thank you for coming out,” he added. “To be able to fly home to my hometown means more than I can tell you… Thank you for your support, thank you for your prayers. We felt them every day.”

Pence also thanked his staff, his family, and congratulated Biden and Harris. He then thanked former President Trump, with whom he served for four years.

“Let me also take a moment to say thank you to President Donald Trump and Melania for all they have done to make America great again,” he said. “We’ll always be grateful for the opportunity they gave us to serve.”



  1. Anyone else notice how (1:42 – 1:54 in the video above) the former veep literally starts emotionally clapping in honor of his wife’s mention of G-d? Beautiful.

  2. It makes me very upset. Pence was great for us while we had power, and as soon as the liberals gained power, he stopped caring about all his supporters and stopped fighting for us. All he wants is support from the powerful. In other words, he doesn’t stand up for himself, he is a loser. He just agrees with powerful people in order for them to like him.

  3. The adult in the room while the children squabbled. Whether partisan or bipartisan, he always seemed above the fray. Would seem to be a top-notch Presidential candidate for the next election.