Three Montreal Shuls Raided By Police Over Shabbos For Ignoring COVID Guidelines; Police Claim They Were Assaulted [VIDEOS]


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Police shut down at least three shuls in Outremont, Montreal on Friday night and Shabbos morning that were open in defiance of COVID enforcement.

Police said they were assaulted while trying to shut down one of the locations on Friday night.

Video footage from Friday night shows a large crowd screaming at police. Shouts of Nazi! can be heard as children are seen running from the building.

One person can be heard yelling “Jews Lives Matter”!

One person was arrested at one of the Shuls on Shabbos morning.

Officers took the names of people present at the scenes and will submit reports to Quebec’s office of criminal prosecutions, which will decide whether to pursue further penalties.

On Motzei Shabbos, Quebec’s Hasidic Jewish council made a public call asking all community members to follow public health guidelines after the incidents which have since been published on many Canadian news outlets.

“It is with regret that the Council of Hasidic Jews of Quebec has learned that certain members of the community have not respected the public health guideline limiting the number of people in a religious institution to 10,” the council said in a statement Saturday night.

While the Council of Hasidic Jews is denouncing any illegal gatherings that took place, the organization is also accusing the SPVM of not properly enforcing the law. At least one of the establishments in question has three separate entrances into three separate closed off spaces, the council said, allowing them to safely accommodate 10 people each.

“This misunderstanding of the regulations by police authorities adds to the confusion,” the council said in its statement.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / Global News CA / CBC)


  1. Now I know this is part of Quebec which is french & not exactly pro-Jewish, but such heinous behavior from these creatures calling police nazis, is so out of line with Canadian society, that anyone who even mentioned the word nazi, must be deported from Canada immediately, with no possibility of ever being allowed back on Canadian soil, no questions asked, and cannot remain on Canadian soil 1 second longer.
    Let them go back to Europe and see 1st eye what nazis is all about.

  2. What is there about NO, they don’t understand. Even the local community federation apparently begged them to obey the public health guidelines and to STAY HOME but to no avail. In the video, they look like a bunch of rats escaping a sinking ship while empowering the local anti-semites. Well done.

  3. You need a Heshy Tischler to bring order in montreal. Here in New York the police look the other way as we are and will always be Trump supporters.

  4. if you believe the announcement by the Montreal Council of Hasidic Jews is sincere, then I have a bridge to sell you :). One hillul ha’Shem after another

  5. think about it for a second the guy who got arrested was so aggravated about not being allowed to daven with a minyan, ( a derabananan) that caused him to provoke the police so much to the point that they arrested him and made him get into a car on shabbos, to drive out of the techum ( a deroisa) rachamana litzlan! people turn their yiddishkeit into minyan to make up for the lack of fulfillement and productivity they feel in their ruchnius. if they would learn gemara beinyan, every person kfi their own technas that hashem gave them, on a daily basis. then they wouldnt need to have the urge to get all tzi hitzed over the minyan. their are gedolei rosh yeshivas off the exits on the garden state parkway in nj that have spent yomim tovim like simchas torah home without being near a minyan, because an oines is an oines and thats what hashem wants now. now to act all satmarie and say fakert hashem gufa wants us to fight the police in order to pray.

  6. There are people amongst us with a different culture, and mysterious ways.

    Definitely mysterious. Very mysterious why jews have to do exactly the opposite of what everyone else is told to do and have it documented and spread all over social media.

    I just don’t get it. Who are these Jews who do whatever they feel? That woman kept saying she can’t believe it. I agree.

  7. one chillul hashem after the other.and again chassidim. No manners everything against the law.
    They never heard dineh demalchuscho dineh.but telling others what to do they are the first once.
    they are the once with there behavior who are b ringing antisemitism.

  8. It seems that heimishe Yidden the world over have no regard for COVID prevention regulations of their host countries. Next time there is an ugly anti-semitic incident in Montreal, don’t waste too much time wondering why.

  9. I have no idea what the facts of the case are. Three general points: 1) I always support our brethren no matter what; I hope everything works out for them. 2) It is insane to call non-Jewish police “Nazi” or the like when all they are doing is attempting to clear out a shul during COVID; what are these people thinking?!?!?! Perhaps it is simply one of the drawbacks of calling members of the Zionist police forces by the same epithets [although THEY (the Zionist police forces) definitely DO deserve it]. The Zionist police, however, as I have explained many times on this site, are an illegitimate entity. The police in Canada, by contrast, are an extremely LEGITIMATE entity. Perhaps there has been some confusion there. 3) Perhaps there was discrimination and perhaps not. I don’t know. But some of those people need to be reminded that they are in golus.

  10. Oh, the irony of shouting “Jews Lives Matter” while protesting the enforcement of rules meant to minimize loss of life. I can believe that this was due to miscommunication, perhaps the police were not aware of the different minyanim, etc, but to call Nazi and Jews Lives Matter seems strange.

  11. @luckshun kugel: Please see what I answered you on the other page on which we discussed dina d’malchusa dina. Although you are correct here, of course.