MUST WATCH: Schumer Calls Senator Dick Durbin “YOSSEL”

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer calls Senator Dick Durbin ‘Yosel’ due to his middle name being Joseph. “Yosel, as they say in Brooklyn.”


  1. Keep destroying America and Israel,Schumer. And if we Anerican Jews end up with an American holocaust we will know it’s the secular JINOs who caused it just as in Europe brought upon by assimilation of the reform JINOs.

  2. Rats: Appears you OD’d on Diphacinone which has been shown to cause irreversible damage to reasoning and social posting skills. Perhaps you can mitigate the long-term damage by foregoing mindless comparisons to the Shoah and Trumpian hyperbole.

  3. Schummer,Nadler,Schiff,Boxer Feinstein, and the rest of these filthy treasonous America hating Marxist DemonRats,all of them will bring on a second bloody civil war and a holocaust upon the Jews of America
    Time to pack our bags, our God given Eretz Yisroel is waiting for us with open arms

  4. שוטה is your name “Chuck”. As they’d say in Brooklyn.
    You’re riding high on the “perceived” power win, or steal, in the recent election? No worries, your day will come and you’ll fall. Hard. Real hard, because the higher they climb, the greater the fall. One day you’ll come looking for Yossel to daven for some family member to feel better etc. Don’t forget, G-D runs this world, not Chuck Schumer.

  5. To rats rats: Do anti-Semites encouraged by, say, a former president have anything to do with your expected holocaust? And who are you to call anyone a JINO? Hashem makes that decision. A Jew who keeps no mitzvahs might be in trouble with Hashem, because he/she is a Jew. And for Rat Rat and everybody else, what mitzvah tells us not to pretend we are Hashem?

  6. To rats and those that think like you- your idea if JINO is so patently offensive- believe me it is against Hashem. Stop it now, your loshon harah can be contagious like COVID-19.