WATCH: Farmers Send Tons of Food and Message of Support To Residents of Bnei Brak


Residents of Bnei Brak were surprised to see tons of fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to the halls of Be’er Miriam in the city which were earmarked for free distribution to the residents. The benefactor of the delivery was a secular woman named Ricki Levitt, who had heard about the recent demonization of the residents of the city due to the Covid-19 controversy that has been plaguing the city this past week. Levitt decided to do something to show some Ahavas Chinam.

The way that the residents of the city have been portrayed over the past week in the media hurt Levitt, so she enlisted the help of farmers from Kibbutz Alumim, Sa’ad, and the city of Netivot, who all donated huge amounts of produce to be distributed to families who have been blessed with lots of children in the city.

In a video that has been widely shared around social media, Levitt said, “This was our way of sending a different message. I can’t sleep at night after seeing what was done here with the stun grenades, the clubs, and the use of force. I asked myself, what did the residents of Bnei Brak do to deserve this. I grabbed my phone and I called farmers from the area, and I am overjoyed to say that they all joined in and partnered with me on this in order to do something good.”

Levitt added: “The farmers felt that there was a need to raise the moral of the Chareidi residents in Bnei Brak, to whom a travesty has been done, including delegitimization and demonization. A small group of people on the sidelines have managed to discredit an entire city that is made up of quality people, people who regularly do acts of loving-kindness, good, decent people who are very disciplined. So this was our way to send a different message to those people, and to others.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. She should be praised by displaying that we are one nation, religious and secular.
    Religious Jews and secular Jews should feel the same and stop bashing each other.

  2. Ok so now maybe everyone will realize how anti-charedi the media is and how the self-hate unfortunately infiltrated into our community as well
    Was in a Jerusalem hospital this week and a Hasidic women form Ezer M’tzion was distributing food. The chilonim took videos and said, “we are posting this on Facebook. Let everyone see that the chareidim are good people”.
    Some people are waking up.. just in time because Mashiach is coming 🙂

  3. Beautiful.
    Could be Levitt is secular (whatever that means), but where does the idea that the farmers were secular come from? Alumim and Sa’ad are not “secular” kibbutizim.

  4. Please change this headline. Alumim and Sa’ad are definitely not secular, they are definitely not chareidi but neither are they secular. Can’t comment on Netivot as I don’t know. But if I were one of the farmers from Alumim or Sa’ad I would be very upset to read this. Thanks

  5. You know without the violence no one in Israel would know of the poor large families in Bnei Brak. You know without the violence in the sixties by Black protesters the blacks would still be sitting in the back of the bus. Without the violence by Meir kahane JDL group against the Russians the Jews there would still be stuck in mother Russia. Violence gives exposure to an issue. Media only picks up where there is violence or loud protests. Many Israelis are embarrassed by the young protesters and rabble rousers. They figure let’s give Bnei brak tons of food and money to shut them up. It happpens all over. After the rallies and violence in Boro park the politicians began looking the other way. You see today hardly ten percent wear masks and in other neighborhoods it’s the opposite. No one wants to arouse riots or bad publicity. The smartest thing the rabbonim did was to support Trump and for the first time create animosity to the democrats. Now the democRATs are worried where the orthodox vote is heading in local elections. Don’t forget Nadler lost Brooklyn because of the orthodox vote for the very first time. He only won due to manhattans voters. As Orthodox Jews increase in Brooklyn we will kick out all the liberals who hate our lifestyle. The democrats now realize that Orthodox Jews and leadership are not in their pockets anymore. We can and will defeat all of them in our expanding communities.

  6. Can frum yidden eat produce that grew due to chilul shabbos?

    It would be a tremendous kiddush shem shamayim if this entire shipment of produce is rejected!

    Send s message that chilul shabbos! Shabbos is not for sale!

    A truck load of fruit and veggies don’t buy off kidushas shabbos.

    This produce is contaminated by chilul shabbos, more poisonous than nuclear waste.


    Do not squander this opportunity!!!!

  7. Saad and alumim are religious kibbutzim in the south affiliated with Mizrachi.
    Both communities strengthen klal yisrael by providing Jewish presence i the Gaza area.
    A beautiful display of chesed to help the Residents of bNai brak.