WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Reveals What’s Next For His Father


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Donald Trump Jr. reacted to former President Trump’s acquittal and media bias during the trial on Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ Monday night.

Don Jr. also explained what his father plans to do next politicly.

“He’s gonna keep pushing that ‘America First’ agenda, fighting for the American worker,” Trump Jr. said. He’s gonna be pushing for candidates who will do that. Not the random, establishment guys that have sat there for years, done absolutely nothing…”

“We are going to continue doing to conservatism what my father has done…Bring it from the dead back into real life.”

Watch the full interview below.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Prison? Election interference investigation ongoing in Georgia. Multiple investigations in New York. Numerous Republican Senators such as McConnell and Tillis who voted against impeachment basically calling for criminal probes into the president’s actions. It’s a long way to 2022 or 2024.

  2. Is more losing next? House, Senate, and Presidency lost. Popular vote twice lost. What’s next Republican governorships? Trump is a losing proposition. Will Republicans get tired of all the losing?

  3. Oooo-kay, amazing! The anti-Trump brigade is finally given another opportunity to resurface and fire away! All have joined the party (except huju) thus far… once he returns, the simcha will be complete!