CUOMO IN TROUBLE: FBI Launches Investigation Into Handling Of Nursing Homes Amid Pandemic

PHOTO: Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo)

The FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office started an investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes amid the ongoing pandemic, according to reports.

Cuomo has been slammed in the last week with accusations that he covered up New York’s nursing home death toll. Families on Wednesday called for a federal probe.

The state’s reported death toll ballooned from around 9,000 – a number that excluded nursing home residents who died of coronavirus at hospitals – to just over 15,000 after a state attorney general report.

According to The Times Union, the probe by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York is in its early stages.

Last week, an aide conceded the administration withheld the nursing home death toll from state lawmakers out of fear it would be used against the state by the Trump Administration.

Some lawmakers have called for revoking Cuomo’s emergency powers.

“It is clear that what is happening here is criminal, the Governor’s emergency powers need to be revoked, and there must be an investigation into the implementation of the policy, the cover up, and the continued attempts to avoid necessary transparency and accountability for grieving New York families,” Rep. Lee Zeldin said in a statement following reports of the FBI investigation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Stripping him of his emergency powers – Well, whoop de do. Charge him with criminally negligent homicide, or at minimum, manslaughter. Then disbar the sob. Wait a minute You must be joking, Democrats in office can’t be responsible for their own actions…only conservatives can !
    Anybody else remember that moron Fauci saying New York was the model for handling coronavirus.
    Why did they ever give a crime family boss emergency powers ?

  2. I’d love to see this Sonay Yisrael have a mapolah! PLOP! The way he treated Yidin and the nasty things he said! Maybe as early as Purim day! Looking forward!

  3. Leave Letitia James alone. We elected her so she can investigate President Trump’s private tax returns, going back 40 years. She’s almost done. She will give a press conference any year now. There were some paper clips and coffee cups that are unaccounted for, a serious crime, worthy of the death penalty. Letitia has no time to be bothered with a couple thousand murders in nursing homes in her State. That’s not why she was elected. She was elected specifically to have the Trump family harassed and arrested.

  4. Hey Andy, how do you get that coked out crazy look in your eyes? Do you have to work on it or or does it come naturally?
    We all know that you are a self aggrandizing glory hound, but the more serious problem you face now Mr. Cuomo is the fact that you are a liar and a straight up murderer. You surround yourself with sycophants and lap dogs including Dr. Howard Zucker, and that asinine obnoxious brother of yours, always with the softball questions.
    I know that you’ll eventually face the ultimate judge, but it would be nice if you faced a human judge as well.