Arab Driver Involved In Fatal Car Accident In Jerusalem After Purim To Be Released Without Charges


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Ibrahim Hamed, the driver of the passenger van who is suspected of running over and killing Itamar Ben Abu Z”L on Sunday night in Jerusalem, was brought for a hearing on Tuesday, in order to determine whether or not his remand into police custody will be extended.

Hemed claimed that a large group of youngsters tried to lynch him while he was still in his vehicle due to the fact that he was an Arab. Hemed further claimed that the man was run over by his van, while he was attempting to escape his pursuers.

During the court proceedings, the representative from the police department admitted that Hemed was entrapped in a riot and that a throng of people attacked his vehicle. The representative also stressed that he fled the scene after he had run over Ben Abu.

According to a report by Channel 12 news, the District Attorney decided not to extend his remand in custody.

The court released Hemed later on Tuesday, without pressing charges.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. In the given situation, he cannot face charges, but all those kids need to learn how irresponsible & reckless drinking on Purim is, and if that is not enough to teach them dangers of drinking, tell them of those 2 young Avreichim fighting for their lives in hospital because of drinking.

  2. 147, you are too charitable. The alcohol made them worse, but even without drinking they are violent towards people whom they regard as “nisht unsere”. They dress charedi, but they discredit all of us, they discredit the Torah, and HKB’H.

  3. I saw the video—- it was murder! The Arab was driving the wrong way down a small one way street called Hachoma Hashlishit Street (which he had no reason to be on,as it’s not a major street).He backed up and purposely crushed the yid! He should be in prison for life!