MAILBAG: Thoughts By a Hatzolah Member Following Passing Of Two Paramedics


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So here we go again.

Another week, another לוָי’ָ, another one of our brethren is gone.

I know it sounds cliché but it’s really the truth.

And what a family it is.

Like any family that has aged over the last 50 years this should not be unexpected or come as a surprise. We have lost a number of our elders in recent years, many who have lived long and fulfilling lives, leaving behind the legacies of the early years as our founding fathers. Unfortunately, many of the recent losses have been tragic and untimely.

Today, we accompanied Moshe to his final stop on the way to his seat next to the ריבונו של עולם where he will be rewarded for all of the lives he wasזוכה to have been able to save as well as for the countless people who he inspired while going through his own personal יסורים. To others, Moshe may have looked unremarkable, a stereotypical פּשוט ייִד. But to us, we knew better. To the throngs of people who showed up to give him the proper כבוד אחרון, they too knew better.

A few weeks ago, it was Gary. Gary was a walking encyclopedia of prehospital medical knowledge that he was always eager to share. For those who didn’t know him, he was one of the visionaries who worked tirelessly to bring the highest level of care to our organization. The number of lives he touched both directly and indirectly, through those he trained, is countless. His departure was swift. Most of us were in a state of shock, the לוָי’ָ so quick that many were unable to attend.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the list keeps getting longer. Tragically, a number of our brothers were taken from us during the COVID pandemic, where they were not able to get the proper כבוד אחרון that they truly deserved.

Our family is quite unique. Today, our brother wore the לְבוּשׁ of חסידוס. But with a family as diverse as ours, the אבלים came from all walks and traditions of life. Because we are all family.

Something that makes us unique was the common theme that has emerged when being מספיד each and every one of the נפטרים. Each was a unique person whos’ main purpose in life seemed to have been helping others. They all excelled with the מידה of empathy, עימו אנוכי בצרה. Doing whatever we could to ease the pain and suffering of others. Putting others first. This is not something to be taken lightly. This is something to internalize and strive for. This is something to be proud of.

We have reason to mourn but we also have much to be proud of. As a family, when one of us חס וחלילה needs help, there has been always been someone standing there with an outstretched arm begging to help, ואיש את רעהו יעזבו ולאחיו יאמר חזק! This is because we all come from the same genes and share the same character traits. While they may have been taken at a young age, many in this world would envy the accomplishments of each of these נשמות קדושות. We too should strive to follow in their footsteps and accomplish as much as they did. We too have the capability of changing the world for the better.

מי שאמר לעולמו די, יאמר לצרותינו די
יהי זכרם ברוך

A Hatzolah Volunteer.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)