WATCH: US Mulls Reducing Social Distancing Rule To 3 Feet Apart

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

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The United States’ top pandemic adviser says that authorities are considering cutting social distancing rules to three feet (one meter), a move that would change a key tenet of the global fight against Covid-19.

Anthony Fauci, a world-respected figure during the coronavirus crisis, says experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are examining a Massachusetts study that found “no substantial difference” in Covid cases in schools observing six-foot and three-foot rules.

Asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” show whether that meant that a three-foot separation was sufficient, Fauci replies, “It does, indeed.”

While cautioning that the CDC was still poring over the new data and conducting tests of its own, he says its findings would come “soon.”

The six-foot social distancing rule has been a widely adopted global measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, along with mask-wearing and hand-washing.



  1. The times I’ve been yelled at by all the dummies who still follow this clown, for not keeping “social distance”. How have you been exposed, as gullible and naïve, they will sell the Brooklyn bridge to you.

  2. And it took a year to decide this? This man is a complete joke. Changes his mind about everything. How are we supposed to believe anything that he says?

  3. As Governor Coumo announced a few days after Bide entered office, If we de not open the economy there will be no economy left to open, every day regulation that should have never been there get removed.

    Just stay Tuned for Israel doing the same AFTER THEIR ELECTION just a little faster(U.S.A. Is already open so could we open)
    Sit back and watch the Show…

  4. Where do they do this at? What’s distancing?
    This guy just likes his fame, and the media are whatever word you want to use for pretending that anyone is distancing or following any unknown “rules”.