LIBERAL MEDIA TURNS ON BIDEN: Networks Blast “Media Blackout” On Border Crisis, Lack Of Transparency [VIDEO ROUNDUP]

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas traveled to the US-Mexico border on Friday with a group of bipartisan senators. Typically on such a trip, a cabinet secretary and lawmakers would be accompanied by reporters or a member of the White House press pool to feed notes back to newsrooms.

But on this trip, the Biden administration blocked that from happening.

It’s part of a larger pattern of restricted media access at the southern US border – despite promises of transparency and the fact that at least 14,000 migrant children are detained in federal custody amid a surge in migrants attempting to enter the country.

Nearly every media outlet in the nation – including the Liberal networks who normally protect President Biden from criticism, have turned on the Administration.

Watch the following video roundup to see:

ABC on Biden’s border crisis: “to do that 180 without really any preparation,” “he owns this,” “tone deaf,” “doesn’t have a plan”

NBC News’ Chuck Todd fact checks DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas after he claims that border is secure amid the crisis

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refuses to answer how many migrants are testing positive for COVID-19

Fox News’ Chris Wallace calls out DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for Biden’s media blackout on the border crisis

CNN’s Bash confronts DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on border-state Democrats saying Biden has fueled the crisis

CNN’s Pamela Brown slams Biden’s “media blackout” on the border crisis

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Does anyone really expect a demented Alzheimer diseased America hating old fool to have a plan?.
    This is what the treasonous DemonRats and their boot licking media hoisted on the American people.

  2. As usual, YWN seeks to falsely frame a narrative with sensationalist headlines. After years of labeling, “the media” as left-wing, biased, anti-Trump, and pro-Biden the media holds Biden accountable just like it did to Trump. Instead of admitting that it spread a false narrative and that the media does its job when it holds those in power accountable the headline writers at YWN continue with the shock headline that “liberal media” turns on Biden. “The media” is doing its job. YWN should recognize that the true news is not to be a spreader of right-wing paranoia.

  3. Wow, so team Biden has thrown the privileged WHITE, Alejandro Mayorkas, to the wolves. Interesting that the last video clip you’ve shown, the white CNN host states the obvious, if the talking point excuse of this failed administration is, the reason reporters are not allowed to visit with them at the border is because of Covid “concerns”, why are all those members of Congress allowed to be there??? I can’t wait for the little privileged white angel, Jen Psaki, to blame former President Trump for the lack of transparency of THIS administration.

  4. Crazykanoiy: you’re half-right. The job of the media is to provide us only with the facts. We are then to form our own opinions. It’s supposed to be unbiased, not pro-left or pro-right. And when I was a kid in the ‘70s, that’s how it was. But in the last 30 or so years, with the rise of the all-news cable outlets, the mainstream media has turned hard left. You can’t get through a day on CNN or MSNBC without being fed anti-right rhetoric. The New York Times op-ed page is unapologetically leftist.

  5. Please everyone! Drop whatever you’re doing and listen to @crazykanoiy, such wisdom…Who knew that the media treats Biden the same way they treated Trump, or any republican president before him. If not for @crazykanoiy’s deep insights, I don’t know what would happen to the world. Last but not least, @crazykanoiy, how do you do it? I mean, type a comment without a brain. How do you do that?

  6. “why are all those members of Congress allowed to be there”

    Members of Congress are basically allowed to go anywhere on anything they call official business. Courts have upheld this.

  7. -Weak sauce, that was like a minor glitch in the system, if the Trump administration got those questions they’d be wondering why the media was so pleasant suddenly.

    -How many interviews did that Mayorkas guy do, he’s like the latest Fauci?

    -That thing with the camera on sleepy-eyes back with him talking to the screen is weird, they’re trying to give off zoom vibes or something?

    -I like how you included Wallace in your ‘liberal media’ list, the snake belongs right up there