NYT REPORT: Gov. Cuomo Attended Sukkos Event And Said “These People And Their (Expletive) Tree-Houses”

PHOTO: Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo)

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In an article highlighting NY Governor Cuomo’s rise to power and his political career, NY Times Journalist Maggie Haberman writes that Cuomo reportedly voiced his frustration with a campaign appearance during his run for Attorney General in 2006.

Haberman says Cuomo was attending an event on Sukkos, and said “These people and their (expletive removed) tree houses,” Cuomo said to his team, according to The Times.

A spokesman for the Governor denied the comment.

“His two sisters married Jewish men, and he has the highest respect for Jewish traditions,” the spokesman said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. and he has the highest respect for Jewish traditions,” the spokesman said.
    Like closing shul’s?
    Or maybe putting Jewish neighborhoods in red zone while other neighborhoods with the same or more cases barely making it to yellow zone?
    Give me a break.

  2. Why would he say otherwise?? Why are you constantly pining away for approval of these beheimas.. should he care about a yid sitting in a sukkah? dear yidden.. didn’t you leave mitraim on pesach.. ?? You are surrounded by people who think you are in a treehouse.. wake up already and shake that golus out of your head and neshama.. Esav sone Yaakov.

  3. comments by politicians shouldnt carry much weight actions do, i didnt like the way cuomo handled covid – but for 20 years he has been a very good friend to yidelach lobbying in albany
    politics is a dirty business
    are you ready to broadcast the audio of your business board meetings?

  4. Doesn’t bother me the least. You don’t know any fellow Yidden who crack jokes about goyish holidays and practices?
    I’m bothered by LOTS of things Cuomo says and does but a private conversation? Nah.

  5. Um…Italian girls marrying Jewish men isn’t exactly my idea of showing respect to the Jewish tradition (no offense to anyone of course). The last tradition SOME Jews will hold on to is not marrying out.

  6. Neither the NYT nor Andrew Cuomo have any credibility. so I will say that in all likelihood, although the Times made up the story, Cuomo’s denial is not believable.
    How is that for fair reporting?