Chareidi Infant Nearly Drowns In Bathtub In Jerusalem, Revived By Emergency Responders


A 6-month-old infant on Petach Tikvah St. in the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem nearly drowned in a bathtub on Wednesday morning.

Volunteers from United Hatzalah and ambulance teams from Magen David Adom who rushed to the scene, performed CPR on the infant.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Shalom Klein who was the first EMT at the scene and performed CPR on the infant relayed: “The infant was brought by her mother to the front door of the building which is where I found them and initiated CPR. According to what we were told by the family, the young girl was pulled out of the the family bathtub and lost consciousness. Thankfully, the CPR effort was successful and she began breathing on her own.”

Hadassah Har Hatzofim Hospital issued a statement and said: “A young girl, six months of age was brought to our trauma unit by ambulance today. She was intubated and sedated after emergency services in the field had managed to bring back her pulse.

Dr. Shadan Salama Yusef, the head of Har Hatzofim’s Emergency Department updated us and said that after the medical staff in the pediatric emergency room, lead by Dr. Dovid Richtman, treated her extensively, she is stable but in very serious condition and has been transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)