Special Tefillah At Home Of HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein [VIDEO]

Photos: Moshe Weissberg Twitter

In light of the serious escalation of terror from the Gaza Strip as well as the recent Meron tragedy, a special tefillah took place in the home of HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein on Tuesday afternoon.

A special trip for female Ezer M’Tzion volunteers to the north to daven by kivrei tzaddikim was supposed to take place on Tuesday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, a propitious time for tefillah and yeshua but was canceled due to the security situation, Kikar H’Shabbat reported.

Instead, a decision was made to hold special Yom Kippur Katan tefillos at the home of HaRav Edelstein.

Rav Chananya Chollak, the chairman of Ezer M’Tzion said: “We’re in a very difficult period amid the sheloshim for the 45 kedoshei Meron. Davka right now there is great chashivus to daven together for Am Yisrael in tzarah, a tefillah that will unite Am Yisrael.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)