TERROR: Two Palestinian Terrorists Shot At Tapuach Junction [VIDEO]


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Two Palestinian terrorists were shot at the Tapuach Junction on Tuesday afternoon.

It appears the team were attempting to carry out a terror attack.

Some reports say it was an attempting shooting attack, while others say it was an attempted car-ramming attack.

It appears both terrorists are still alive.

Video below from the incident.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They should have been killed on the spot.

    What are the soldiers thinking? Do they want them to go to jail on tax payers dollars and then get freed and start all over again?

  2. What were the soldiers thinking?
    They were thinking that the whole world would condemn them for ‘attacking’ innocent, peace loving Arabs.

  3. Actually, they were thinking their own Zionist government would condemn them like they did to that poor soldier who neutralized a terrorist.

    All because the Zionists are beholden to the gentiles so much more than the “ghetto Jew” that the Zionists so mockingly deride. The Zionists are, of course, the ultimate “ghetto Jew”.