WATCH: Netanyahu Pleads With Israelis Not To Take Law Into Their Own Hands


Following a night of out of control violence, and the attempted lynching of Jews and Arabs, PM Netanyhau spoke to the nation:

“What is happening in Israel’s cities over the past few days is unacceptable. We have seen Arab rioters set fire to synagogues and vehicles and attack police officers. They are attacking peaceful and innocent citizens. This is something that we cannot accept; it is anarchy. Nothing justifies this and I will tell you that nothing justifies the lynching of Jews by Arabs and nothing justifies the lynching of Arabs by Jews.

We will not tolerate this. This violence is not us. We will restore administration and governance in Israel’s cities everywhere, in all cities, in the Jewish-Arab integrated cities, in Jewish cities, everywhere.

I have ordered the police to adopt emergency powers, to reinforce with Border Police units and, of course, to impose curfews where necessary.

I am now going to an emergency meeting in order to give the police additional powers, give more backing for the police, and give them additional forces. I also intend to bring in military forces according to the existing law and we will pass an additional law if necessary. We must tell the police and soldiers that we are sending them to maintain order. We will do everything so that they will have the necessary powers and forces to carry out the mission.

To the citizens of Israel I say that I do not care if your blood is boiling. You cannot take the law into your own hands. You cannot grab an ordinary Arab citizen and try to lynch him – just as we cannot watch Arab citizens do this to Jewish citizens. This will not happen. This is something that I am certain is shared by most citizens of Israel.

We are in a fight on two fronts, on one front against Hamas and we are all united and Hamas is firing missiles and rockets that hurt Jews and Arabs alike. Let us come together and do the task that is necessary for us as citizens of our state – to restore governance, eliminate this anarchy and maintain and restore the security and quiet that we all deserve.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Nowayjose,
    How is telling people not to act like animals going to bury him politically?
    If anything, it should help him with the moderate right and center.
    In addition, besides for the wild young settler extremists, most people believe that Jews have a higher moral standard than others.

  2. Who is lynching innocent Arabs? It doesn’t happen. People have the right to defend themselves. Self-defense is a G-d-given right of each individual; nobody has a duty to wait for the police to defend him.