Israel finds itself in one of its most precarious situations in decades. Maybe not since the Yom Kippur war has the entire State of Israel been put in harms way with a majority of the country under hourly air raid sirens from Gaza. With civil war breaking out in her streets, and the threat of Hezbollah attack from Lebanon ominously hanging over its head, we are witnessing the grave potential for an unprecedented security nightmare for millions of Jews and Israeli Arabs.

We note with great appreciation the many voices of support Israel has been receiving including from; President Joe Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ranking minority leader Kevin McCarthy, as well as from congressional members of both parties, who have stepped up and defended Israel’s absolute right to defend herself from indiscriminate rockets and missiles. These public displays of support come at a crucial time for Israel who is dealing with a biased international media and radical leftists who dominate social media platforms, forums and television networks. The bullying of and threats made against pro-Israel advocates in streets across the globe raise the security stakes ever higher for the pro-Israel community and supporters of the Jewish State.

Which leads us back to the disappearance of the self described “Shomer Yisroel”, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer of New York. With Israeli citizens under unprecedented threat and a gathering storm at the United Nations, Israel needs Schumer’s strong public and unapologetic support now more than ever. And sadly he has been nowhere to be found.

His inexplicable silence comes as the Squad, made up of AOC, Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar lead the charge against the Jewish state in Congress and across America. By remaining unchecked, these anti-Semites whip up lower level radical members of legislatures across the country.

A perfect storm of opposition to Israel is forming.

YWN has been receiving an inordinate amount of messages from Jews everywhere with the same damning question, where is Chuck Schumer? The senior Senator from New York has been silent and many have noticed it. Worse yet, AOC & company have noticed it too and are clearly taking full advantage.

Senator Schumer if you can’t find your voice now, what good is having the highest ranked Jewish official in history in this position?

Am Yisroel Chai is not just a cheap slogan, it is a generational mandate and a promise.

Senator Schumer You are failing at both.

– YWN Editorial Board

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Chuck is only Jewish when it serves a political purpose of his. What an execrable excuse for a human being, Jewish or otherwise.

  2. Senator Schumer does not care about his fellow Jews or Israel. He just mouths these platitudes so that we should reelect him. Now he is more concerned with what the “progressives” will say. He needs them for the next election. It’s also possible that he agrees with them, and is showing his true colors.

  3. same damning question, where is Chuck Schumer? Response:- By having paid a Shiva call to a Meron victim’s family this past week, he has discharged his obligation & quota for performing good deeds & Mitzwos for a long while to come.

  4. It needs to be more believable. Who in their right mind would be sending messages to YWN asking for C Schumer?? Never mind ‘an inordinate amount of messages from Jews everywhere’.

  5. You should ask his “Frum” promoter, Ezra Friedlander. He was very busy shlepping Chuck around to be minachem avail the families of the Meron tragedy, when the cameras were rolling. Our other US Senator, the priviliged WHITE, Kirsten Gillibrand is a known Israel/Jew hater as well. She’s still angry at President Trump and his Jewish children for having the audacity to move the US embassy to its rightful place, Jerusalem.

  6. Where? In the NEW Democrat party where! This is no surprise, as Schumer always goes wherever the winds blow. He would become pro-life if it won him the next election, and apparently, as we see now, passively pro Anti-Semites.

  7. Where he is? He is busy being MENACHEM AVELIM (what a phony!) together with his ‘askanim’!
    I noted last week when ywn reported it, that it was a shame the family let him into their house!

  8. Very stupid editorial. We know he’s pro Israel.
    He’s in a great position of great influence. He need not talk. He can do.

  9. Dear YWN

    Please stop calling it the Jewish State. The State of Israel is not the Jewish State, it’s the Zionist State. I’m Jewish and so there are millions of Jews in all countries, how did this become the Jewish State? Why are politicians required to support the Jewish State if they support the Jews????

    My State is the U.S.A. and my religion is Judaism. I need the help of Mr. Schumer to do his best for Jews in the USA and wherever they are, but he’s not in any way shape or form helping the “Jews” by supporting the State of Israel or lack thereof.

    All the best

  10. I’m not arguing that it’s a good point but Just a thought Sometimes he can accomplish more by not saying anything.
    Also did anyone reach out to him to try to bring him closer to Judaism, maybe we can teach him more. I heard that when he went to be Menachem Avel he said he has deep believes in Hashem but he wasn’t brought up like us, so hay It’s never too late I will be glad to volunteer but I don’t know how to reach out. Thanks

  11. Talk is cheap. What matters is what politicians do, not what they say or don’t say.

    We care only that all Jews remain safe and well – not for anyone to proclaim how the Zionists are so wonderful because, of course, the Zionists are an abomination, despite that their citizens deserve to live peacefully despite their Zionist “government”.

    So, as long as the politicians are doing whatever is in their power to help Jews, then that is what counts, not empty slogans.

    Regarding Mr. Schumer, Jewish groups recently thanked him for his support of yeshivos, which it seems nobody expected him to be able to pull off, but he did. So, my assumption would be that he would help our brethren in the holy land, if that is within his power.

  12. APB .. anyone see Chuck Schumer ?

    Reminds me a bit of the Obama Iranian nuclear deal fiasco ( and many others ) when he conveniently enters the fray @ the latest & most useless moment for very obvious reasons .
    A little concerned about him.

    Wouldn’t leave us alone when running for office(s) in Brooklyn & elsewhere declaring ad nauseam his self-anointed title of “Shumer Yisroel” clamoring for support in our heavily populated districts .

    Sorry my bad, he’s ok .
    His Twitter feeds over the last few days are littered with the most important subjects of the day for him.. I.e. “the arts” ( save our stages ), American prosperity and the endless frontier act ( 4 times ? ) , Liz Cheney , —-and of course the most pressing issue of these past several days for him when Israel’s jews are being hunted in the streets and terrorized in their homes ——
    Marijuana legalization.
    Please don’t take my word for it , visit his Twitter page and reconsider believing the snake oil he often peddles .

  13. Schumer isn’t interested in anything but Schumer. We knew this clearly back when he decided it was a good idea to support the nuclear deal with Iran in 2017 just to stick his thumb in Trump’s eye.

  14. The senator has tweeted or retweeted something 43 times over the last 3 days. That’s 43 posts to twitter in the last 3 days.
    0 mentions of the Middle East, Israel, Gaza, hamas, Jerusalem or even Palestinians.
    I think we should ask the congressional police to do a wellness check on him. Is it “weekend at bernies” at the Schumer office?
    He cares about himself and his bank roll nothing else.

  15. Schumer can ROT__exactly in the same place with all the liberal hating Jews who are raising gentile children and monsters

  16. Where? In the NEW Democrat party that’s where! This is no surprise, as Schumer always goes wherever the winds blow. He would become pro-life in a heartbeat if it won him the next election, and apparently, as we see now, passively pro Anti-Semitism as well. Oh well, I guess there’s only one reliable Shomer Yisroel, and the way you know he’s the real one is that he neither sleeps nor slumbers!

  17. Schumer did warn during Trump that it was making antisemitism worse, but the Editorial staff here did not see it that way. Fact is these missiles Hamas has stockpiled did not show up since January, they have been piling up all during the Trump years. Marginalizing these issues for four years did not lead to them going away or tensions calming down, rather it has led to this.

    So perhaps Schumer is right and you were wrong. Maybe now, he decided it is better to be quite and let Biden say Israel has the right to defend itself. Maybe let the squad be at odds with Biden and Pelosi rather than with Schumer a Jew. Maybe that is just the smarter approach right now and will make Biden’s support of Israel easier.

  18. Lol havent expected him caring at all his promises mean nothing to me as he is a politician which means in other words he is a liar…but yea I was suprised that joe biden and Nancy pelosi said they belive israel has the right to defend itself so thankyou joe and Nancy I’m really suprised and grateful

  19. I don’t think publicly supporting Israel would have any effect, if any thing, the opposite is true. It would be almost as useful as Bibi himself ‘supporting israel’.
    I am no political maven, but i would imagine he would be far more effective by working quietly behind the scenes.

  20. This filthy DemonRat doesn’t give a rat’s behind for Israel or to the U.S , this TREASONOUS SEWER RAT,was busy for the last four years with one thing only, the overthrow of the duly elected President and government of the United States.
    Could we even begin to imagine how much anti-semitism and Jew hatred this filthy traitor together with the other so called Jews like Nadler,Schiff are causing.
    This sewer rat needs to be impeached and put on trial for high treason,when found guilty, hang the rat