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HATE IN VEGAS: Jewish EMT From NY Assaulted In Alleged Hate Crime Attack

A tourist from New York was knocked to the ground along the Las Vegas Strip in broad daylight, Monday.

Paul Lebowitz, a NYC EMT, said he was clearly targeted for being Jewish.

Lebowitz said what started as a calm conversation at a coffee shop with a stranger, turned to a nasty gash on the back of his head.

“We talked about Israel-Palestine until he said, ‘the Jews are not going to exist’ and I said, ‘I’m a proud Jew.’ That’s when it got violent,” Lebowitz said.

The 67-year-old Lebowitz wore his Star of David neckless as the pair walked outside Eataly restaurant at Park MGM. The conversation escalated as they went along and then turned violent.

“He yells out, ‘baby killers!’ Puts his hand to my face and throws me to the ground. I fell back. I smacked my head,” Lebowitz recalled.

Lebowitz said he never laid a hand on the man, who towered over him. His family called 911, but by the time police arrived the man who had pushed him to the ground had disappeared.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report is filed as battery, and police told Lebowitz surveillance footage will be used in the investigation.

“He’s anti-Jewish. It’s a hate crime to me,” Lebowitz said.

(Source: Fox 5 / KVVU TV)

11 Responses

  1. The word is “necklace” not “neckless”.

    It’s a shame that people feel the need to defend the Zionists as if there is anything Jewish about them other than some of their ancestors.

    He should have just told this animal that Jews are not Zionists.

  2. HaKatan do you skip half of the Amidah when you daven? KOL yisrael areivim zeh lazeh.
    1. We don’t need to agree with the way every Jew lives/acts/thinks in order to defend their right to exist and defend them against slander.
    2. We’re all being targeted. To non-Jews, Jew and Zionist are one and the same. And the fact that they think this way should make us think about how Hashem really wants us feeling in this situation.

  3. Hakatan your name is apropos.
    It describes your intelligence.

    So I guess you edited all references to Zion ציון from your versions if Tanach and the siddur?

  4. Aisav soinei liyaakov is a fact. We need to daven and do our hishtadlus. The antisemites supporting Hamas have proven that they wish to kill all Jews wherever they are.

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