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Heshy Tischler Assaulted By Two Middle-Eastern Men In Boro Park

Heshy Tischler was reportedly assaulted by two “Middle-Eastern” men in Boro Park on Wednesday.

Sources tell YWN that the two men arrived in a vehicle, and confronted Tischler outside his home on 47th Street near 17th Avenue – in the heart of Boro Park’s Orthodox Jewish Community.

Words were exchanged, and one of them men punched Tischler twice in the face. He refused medical treatment.

The NYPD is on the scene investigating.

Our sources also confirm to us, that this was not some random attack. It seems that Tischler knew these two men from a previous rally / demonstration that he had attended. We are being told that Tischler exchanged words with these men at that rally, and immediately recognized them when they arrived at his home.

Tischler released a video Wendsday evening following his assault by a Middle-Eastern man outside his house in the heart of Boro Park.

In the video, Tischler says, “Mr. Mayor Deblasio, I’m coming for you… Black Lives Matter, you want a war? Here we come!”

The candidate for city council also released a photo of the man who allegedly punched him.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he is not the one who initiated the confrontation!
    He’s is such a lowlife!

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