NYC: Violent Clashes As NYPD Enforces Curfew At Washington Square Park

Photo via @mayatcontreras Twitter

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Chaos erupted around Washington Square Park late Saturday for a curfew showdown between police and crowds that tested the park’s new 10 p.m. closing time.

Nearly two dozen people were arrested over the course of the night as hundreds of officers descended on the neighborhood to enforce the city’s decision to close one of the busiest parks two hours early on weekend nights.


  1. Waiting for some bright comments by that sicko AOC. What’s wrong with these “people”? The city can’t even set hours for a park anymore?!

  2. Don’t waste taxpayer funds locking up these chayas and beheimos. Deport or export them to Venezuela or Cuba. Let them riot and rot in those countries.

  3. There a people on this vid who are exposing themselves in an inappropriate way. Pls remove this video. In the future YWN should review all the material before it gets plated.