WATCH: Hafganos Against Jerusalem Light rail Results In A Dozen Arrests


Police clashed with Chareidi protesters near Bar-Ilan Street in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon.

The hafganah is an ongoing protest against the construction of part of the city’s light rail, which runs through the Chareidi neighborhood.

Police reported arresting 12 protesters, including one of the Rabbonim of the Eidah Chareidis.

The demonstrators have reportedly been dispersed from the area.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It looks like some people need to spend more time working and less time protesting. Maybe the Bennett government will be a blessing in disguise . . .

  2. including one of the Rabbonim of the Eidah Chareidis. For such shocking despicable behavior, clearly he is hereby defrocked, and not capable of continuing as a rabbi or even a so called rabbi.
    It probably is even necessary to discontinue the entire Eidah Chareidis movement, for employing such sick personnel.

  3. if the Lapid Bennet government comes to fruition, I’m scared that this type of video will be a daily occurrence. Hashem should help us.

  4. The frum people are singing, and yelling and the police are knocking them down on the ground and arresting them. Why? Even old men with white beards. When they first planned that the train will go down Bar Ilan they were told that the frum from the area would never allow it.

  5. Maybe the new Israeli Government will finally slap down these hooligans and put them all in jail where they belong. Since when is not thinking of others a mida of chassidus?

  6. Have these idiots at the Eidah explained why they oppose construction of a much needed public transit option that will provide affordable service to their neighborhoods especially since most Chareidim do not own private vehicles?

  7. For all those uneducated, what is happening here is the city of Jerusalem wants to connect 2 secular areas and the fastest way is going right through the charadi area, now without asking the thousands of residents which will have no benefit (as it is connecting gilo with har chotzvim) but have to put up with the construction, noise, and peritzoz.
    The main problem is that all the building on the street of the new light rail have received planning to go up 20 stories, which will drastically change the fabric of the neighborhood (that most do not use shabbos elevators)
    So basically without consent and against the wishes of thousands of local residents, we will have to put up for some economical gain the city would like to achieve!!!

  8. oleskar, the hayot hakodesh do not want a light rail with normally dressed women passing through their burka present neighborhoods. why they allow busses to travel through their neighborhoods is a gutte kashe.

  9. In the past when hooligans from this community tore up traffic lights, signage , and destroyed trash bins with fire, the broader oilam would complain to the rabbonim. The corparate-speak response was they are very few and they don’t listen to us, we cant control the meshugaim. This was put to the lie when there were massive violent crowds, and now that a Rov was mixed among the “few meshugaim” what is their answer? In my book they are all gazlonim as a trip from gush 80 to home which us ordinarily 20 minute took a harrowing 50 minutes

    Eyewitness: The thousands of residents have to cede to the tens of thousands that need this road as the main route route north and south. A train to Har Hotzvim is also a train to Ramot. The population of Ramot is 60 t 90 thousand. Ramat Eskol, Sanhedriya Pisgat Zeev, Ramat Shlomo, and others also have interests in this.

  10. What pritzus is associated with “normal” men and women going to and from work in a rail car??? We are not talking about a jitney to the beach. This is a connection between two heavily traveled commercial and residential areas.