WATCH THIS: Gafni BLASTS New Coalition – In What Way Are You Jewish?!


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During the Knesset meeting to swear in the new government, UTJ leader and MK Moshe Gafni addressed the plenum and attacked the members of the newly formed coalition.

“I’ve been a Knesset member for many years, there are a lot of MKs here whom I have a lot in common with, and there are those with whom there is a deep ideological rift between their views and my own. MK Meirav Michaeli and I have a lot in common. When she spoke, that was a speech where I didn’t interrupt at all.”

“I’ve read the coalition agreements and I didn’t see any point that discusses how we will care for Holocaust Survivors, there was one toothless statement about the elderly. There are eight parties in the coalition. I didn’t learn the basic secular studies in school, so maybe my math isn’t good but eight parties who don’t care about Holocaust Survivors, so what do they care about. Aside from all the jobs that they worried about giving to themselves?”

“What is in these coalition agreements? There is nothing. There is no mention of protecting Shabbos, no protection of Jewish conversion. Kashrus isn’t protected. Everything is disappearing. I will scream for the sake of my Rebbe Rabbi Shach Z’L. In what way are you Jewish? Without Shabbos, Without proper conversion regulations, without Torah, with secular marriage, without the Kotel. There is nothing. So I ask, in what way are you Jewish? There has never been anything like this before.”

“I don’t remember the MK who spoke before Meirav, (Matan Kahana) and he spoke about outright Chilul Hashem. So how are we any different than any other western country? How are we different from France, From the United States, or anyone else? There is no more Shabbos? How will you sit next to your children on Friday night and say Kiddush? What will you tell your children?”

“Then they ask us why we only sit with the right-wing? Come with us, they say. Sit with us in a government, by us it will be good for you. With you it will be good? What will be good? You simply don’t respect us at all. You think you can create a coalition government that doesn’t have a single mention of anything Jewish. You think you can buy us with money? We have just proven that unlike you, we are people who follow our ideologies. We have ideology, we believe in the things that are most important.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The whole zionist enterprise and governments, regardless of which personality happens to be the boss at the time, are all the same having nothing whatsoever to do with Jewishness, Judaism or the Torah.

    They just want to be a nation like all the other goyish nations.

  2. Gafni is speaking the real אמת, and we shall always vote his party “ג’ for doing the great job we fully believe in.
    Whatever these wicked imposters don’t answer up to in Kenesset they shall be answering up to in Gehinom.

  3. It hurts to hear MK Gafnee telling the TRUTH. However as a Ponoviz Talmid myself (NOT Satmar) Where was MK Gafnee when 65% of the country was Mechalel Shabbos. I remember when Bill Clinton eulogized Yitzhak Rabin and he Quoted Kabolas Oil Malchus Shomayim in English. 71% percent of the youth had no idea what he was talking about

  4. He for got to ask the MAIN QUESTION:

    Why are you in Eretz Yisroel? With what right can you take over Eretz Yisroel from Arabs or the native yiddish families who lived here for hundreds of years?

    If you are not torah Jews then you have have no rights over the Arabs.

  5. I never understood this kind of rhetoric of Frum politicians in Israel. Isn’t the common laws of the state based on – what we call here in the US – “freedom of religion”. Meaning the state has no right to favor or force any religion upon its citizens. Even the “right wing” Likud is also secular in terms of it’s platform and policies.

  6. There’s democratic process which unfortunately is trampled on by the hecklers including Hareidim who trample first P.M. ever wearing a kippa. One can disagree but the lack of derech eretz to the point of personal blood libeling is palpable and inhuman. Loding the finance committee is the real motive.