MAMILA MALL: Cafe Aroma Staffer Mechalel Shabbos, Store Loses Kashrus Status


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The Mehadrin branch of Aroma in the Mamila Mall in Jerusalem lost its hechsher this week, as one of its staff was mechalel Shabbos and entered the premises on Shabbos to begin breaking bread.

Chareidi residents who were on their way to daven at the Kosel saw that the store had a number of workers inside while it was still Shabbos. the passersby alerted the staff to the fact that it was still Shabbos but were ignored, and the chilul Shabbos continued.

The branch has a kashrus seal of Badatz Chasam Sofer and Mehadrin from Rabbanut Yerushalayim. Just a few hours after Shabbos was over, the Kashrus council of Badatz publicized that their Kashrus certification was revoked pending an investigation.

“We want to publicize to the public that due to the opening of the branch on Shabbos, we hereby revoke our hashgacha effective immediately until we can clarify the issue.”

The Rabbanut also told Israeli media that “The issue was checked by the regional kashrus supervisor. The owners of the ranch have been called for a disciplinary meeting with the Chief Rabbi that is set to take place on Monday afternoon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. One may ask why is this the issue of the Rav Machshir: his job is just to affirm and certify that the food is kosher. However it very much is his domain. Simply for the fact that if the proprietor can’t be trusted to keep Shabbos how an he be trusted to be keeping kosher! After all a mashgiach is not standing over his head every single moment!

  2. Has Kashrus certification of public transportation in Israel also been revoked over plans to run on Shabbos? & have they also been summoned to meeting with Chief Rabbi on Monday afternoon?

    Does “with the Chief Rabbi” imply with Rav Dovid Lau shlita? or with Rav Yitzchok Yosef shlita? or both? or perhaps Chief Rabbi of Yerusholayim? or Chief Rabbi of the Kossel? as Mamila Mall is right by Jaffa Gate.

  3. I believe the OU has the unusual practice of actually not allowing the owners and managers of the restaurants to have keys to their own facility. Gotta wait for the Mashgiach to show up.

  4. Someone was “baking bread,” not “breaking bread.”

    Does YWN not employ English speaking editors? Do the editors not read the stories before they are posted?

  5. They need a plan, if baked goods need to be prepared they either bake them Friday or not have them Saturday night. In my opinion the Hashgacha should have been on top of this beforehand. maybe businesses run by non religious people need to have the opening and closing done by a mashgiach just as gentiles would be treated.

  6. Do any reliable hashgachos enable a worker to enter the premises of a food establishment on Shabbat to begin to bake bread here in America or in Eretz Yisrael? It seems from the account that the Mashgiach did not have the keys for the place? So pirtza calls the ganav. Please explain.