Israel: 9-Year-Old Drives On Highway With Father In Seat Next To Him


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Israeli police in Gush Etzion were stunned when they pulled over a car that was driving dangerously over the weekend and found that the driver was a nine-year-old boy. Further surprising the officers was the fact that the boy’s father was sitting in the passenger seat.

The officers issued a ticket to the car’s owner, the father, and he was summoned to a hearing at the police station in Gush Etzion where his license was revoked by the supervising officer.

The police issued a statement which said: “This past weekend, during our operation to prevent traffic violations that pose a threat to people’s lives and safety, officers saw a vehicle that was driving dangerously near Beit Jala. The officers pulled the car over and were shocked to find a nine-year-old boy driving with his father sitting next to him. We see this as a very serious criminal infraction and will act stringently against the father of the child, who not only endangered both of their lives but the lives of other drivers around them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. prevent traffic violations that pose a threat to people’s lives and safety This 9 year old kid driving not even fractionally as dangerous as new Transportation Minister, Merav Michaeli running buses on Shabbos Kodesh haShem Yerachem

  2. 147, comparing physical versus spiritual dangers. the danger with busses on Shabbat come from a further lessening of the spirit of Shabbat. the danger of a 9 year old driving is a reasonable probability of serious injury and/or death. very different issues. comparable to a 9 year old driving are allowing the conditions that led to the deaths of 45 people at Meron.