EPIC TISCHLER FLOP: City Council 48th District- Saperstein and Markh In Tight Race; Tischler Loses But Says He Won


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A tight race for the City Council seat for the 48th district to replace Chaim Deutsch is brewing with 85% of first choice ballots counted. Former teacher Steven Saperstein is in first place with about 32% of the vote, while Mariya Markh is in a close second with about 31% of the vote.

Thus far, the biggest takeaway from this race is the lack of votes that stardom-seeker Heshy Tischler has received. Tischler, who had spent thousands of dollars on advertising in the run-up to election day has only managed to convince less than 220 votes (thus far) that he’s the right person to hold public office.

In a video message Tischler says he heard that he lost, but says “really I believe I won.”

(Moshe Schwartz – @YWNReporter)


  1. What’s the deal? What do you guys have against the guy? Are you jealous? I’m not saying I agree and think he should be elected, but the articles you wrote today are despicable!! Absolutely disgusting! It’s a new low yeshiva world had stooped to. It started with the letter written, which was actually nicely written but you guys had to put his picture on it! Get a life!!

  2. YWN, while I don’t promote any side of the vote, this headline is extremely misleading.

    “Tischler Loses But Says He Won”

    If you watch to the video he says he really won “because you got the candidates you want, Kalman Yager and …”

  3. Of course Heshy lost. He appeals to a very small segment of the voters which his unhinged rhetoric and constant desire for publicity. He will seek office again.

  4. Uncle T- the big fat T
    Who will you do videos now with?
    Will you still have pizza sat. Night?
    Will you promote your Friday show?
    Who will you call “nazi pig”?
    Will we ever see Linda again?
    Will you vist Ottisville?
    Will you wear a Tie again?
    Will you be seen in Flatbush again?
    Will you invite Leon G for Shabbos?
    Will you invite Kalman for Shabbos?
    Will you “Macallell” Yom Tov again?
    The list goes on

  5. I think a lot more people would have voted for him if they hadn’t been too stupid to understand the ranked choice system, and had therefore understood that there’s no such thing as “wasting your vote”. Ranked choice lets you vote where your heart really lies, and then vote for a realistic candidate for whom you’ll settle ahead of one you really oppose. Your first vote should never be for someone you regard as merely the least bad of the realistic choices; that’s what your second or third vote is for. And then for the next least bad and the next least bad. But your first vote should reflect your actual preference among the candidates, and it’s a sad day when you don’t like any of them, even the small no-chancers.

  6. This guy clearly needs intervention and hopefully now he will be able to get it. For those of you who think his Trumpian vulgarity, self-promotion and obnoxious antics were entertaining or helpful to the tzibur, think again.

  7. Of course he lost. He appeals to people too young to vote. In a race to represent prepubescents, he would do much better, although krusty the klown would give him a run for his money.

  8. Dear YWN world: Can we please get back to trying to bring the geula through Shalom and ahavas chinam instead of digging ourselves deeper into the galus-quagmire of put-downs and machlokes? He ran, he lost, and now let’s just move on…