HORRIFIC: Female Voice Was Heard During Initial Surfside Search And Rescue Efforts


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Miami-Dade County Fire Chief Alan Cominsky said during the initial search and rescue efforts hours after the collapse, teams did hear the voice of a female trapped in the Surfside condo rubble – however they were unable to reach her.

During a news conference on Thursday, Cominsky was asked about a female voice that was heard in the first few hours after the collapse. He said they heard “audible sounds” of a female voice during their initial search and rescue efforts while working underneath the condo structure. Cominsky said they heard the woman’s voice for several hours and kept searching until she could no longer be heard.

“Eventually we didn’t hear her voice anymore, we continued to search,” he said. “Again… that’s emphasizing the magnitude of what we’re going through.”


  1. Or better said emphasising the magnitude of their lacklustre response. Unwilling to take any risk at all in order to save a life.