WARNING IN THE CATSKILLS: Children Are Interfering With Emergency Police Radio – And They Will Be Caught!


A major investigation is underway after Sullivan County Emergency Radio Frequencies were interfered by children using illegal radios.

Law enforcement sources tell YWN, that multiple times over the past few days, children have been interfering with the Sullivan 911 Frequency, the Sheriff Department and other emergency frequencies in the area.

The Sheriff Department has since contacted the FCC, and a heavy investigation is underway.

YWN sources confirm that the interference is coming from the Monticello area, and law enforcement are pretty close to finding the culprit(s), as they have narrowed down the area. YWN is in possession of recordings of the radio communication, and we can confirm that it is unfortunately children of the Orthodox Jewish Community – most likely Hasidic children.

Sullivan County Sheriff Mike Schiff was serious in his brief conversation with YWN late Sunday night.

“This type of activity could result in someone’s death”, Schiff said.

“We are working with community leaders as well as State and Federal Authorities to track down the individuals making these transmissions. If you know a child or teenager who has one of these radios you should take it away from them immediately, before the police show up at your door.

“Parents, guardians and even camp directors can be held responsible for the actions of these young people”, Schiff added.


YWN has previously reported that Hatzolah emergency radio frequencies have also suffered interference many times from children – and even adults – using unauthorized radios.

Years ago, radio communication equipment was very expensive, with radios costing in the range of $1000 – $2000 per radio. Thanks to electronics made in China, radios capable of transmitting on every frequency – including that of Police, EMS, Hatzolah – can now be purchased for as low as $30! Children who once upon a time had “scanners”, now have devices capable of transmitting over emergency radio frequencies. This has already caused interference during life threatening emergencies when Hatzolah members on scenes have been unable to communicate with their dispatcher to relay vital information in which seconds can make a difference in saving a life.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Parents, guardians and even camp directors & their Chassidisch Rebbe can be held responsible for the actions of these young people”, Schiff added.

  2. This is not “accidental” interference by legitimate users of other frequencies. They deliberately tune in to the emergency channels on their transmitting devices for the purpose of interference with first responders. The children, and their parents, whether frum or not, should be prosecuted and severely punished if the charges are proven in court. Lives could be lost and these idiots are playing games with emergency communications. Severe punishment will provide immediate deterrence.

  3. As bad as this is, I don’t think any frum child would deliberately interfere with Hatzalah or other first responder transmissions. I’ll bet they don’t realize the potential harm they are causing, they are having “fun.” I wonder if the culprits are part of a camp – if so, surely their counselors know who owns them. But the police are right to find the kids & should confiscate the radios.

  4. Totally obscene behavior from the kids and the adults that don’t stop it.
    This must stop yesterday. All Rabonim should immediately make an announcement.

  5. i hope these kids get the punishment they deserve from their uncaring mothers who should be punished themselves. my kids would get gezunte petch for it, most likely with a belt.

  6. In Sackket Lake near Monticello such a device was found today and was taken away from a child who happens to live in Woodmeere

  7. I’m licensed amateur radio operator and would like to clarify few points. These radios ARE legal for import, sale and possession. Programming the radio to enable listening to any communication, whether commercial, public safety – including law enforcement and emergency medical services, I.e. Hatzolah is perfectly legal and this right is actually enumerated in one of the late constitutional amendments! Notable exception is Cellular communications. No scanner legally sold in the U.S. is capable of receiving cell phone communications. What IS illegal is transmitting and broadcasting on frequencies which require licensing by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). That includes most of the radio bands, be they commercial, business, public safety or amateur. Notable exception is Family Radio Service (FRS) band – these are types of radios that are sold in stores for casual, private and low power recreational use. CB Radios that were immensely popular in the 70s & 80s originally required buyers to get licensed, but, compliance being virtually non-existent, FCC got rid of the requirement. It also needs to be noted that New York State has law on the books that prohibits possession in the vehicle two-way radios and scanners capable of monitoring frequencies assigned to law enforcement! This applies EVEN to members of hatzolah and from time to time NYSP and Sullivan county sheriff issue tickets to hatzolah members as a matter of showing who’s the boss… However, when someone transmits, broadcasts and interferes with law enforcement and/EMS services like police, sheriff AND Hatzolah the violation rises to a level of felony for self apparent reason as there’s literally threat to life! This is where the serious problem is with these cheap Chinese radios and ignorant bochurim (unfortunately some adults too). If someone is bored or rather excited because of the thrill of being able to talk to dispatcher, lives can be lost, Chas V’Sholom, and we as a community must take the issue extremely seriously! Kids (and adults) should NOT be playing with these radios whether they cost $800 or $30! A $30 walkie-talkie is just as dangerous in irresponsible hands as the top of the line Motorola or Kenwood – They all transmit at 5 watts. Hoping this will help educate the Klal, Chaim.