CHASDEI HASHEM! After Six Hours, Missing Yosef Shapiro Found In Marsh Near Atlantic Ocean [READ THE FULL STORY]


After a frightening six hours, Bichasdei Hashem, missing Yosef Shapiro was found by search volunteers – just 25 feet away from the Atlantic Ocean, in a marsh, unable to walk.

Sources tell YWN that a Hatzolah member searching near the beach heard a child saying “Tatty”. In the pitch dark, additional resources were sent to that location. Sure enough, Yosef was found. He was taken to Maimonides Hospital for observation, and is in good health. He was being discharged at around 11:30PM.

Hundreds of volunteers broke out in dancing as they sang “Chasdei Hashem” when he was brought out to his mother and a waiting Hatzolah ambulance.

The incredible outpouring of Achdus was felt by everyone involved as hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers joined forces to find him.

Many Jewish organizations and community Askonim worked together in what was a very stressful few hours. The call for help was first made to Flatbush Shomrim, who immediately responded with a group of volunteers, and immediately notified the NYPD. Shomrim responded in force from Boro Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Far Rockaway, and Staten Island. Dozens of volunteers from Flatbush, Canarsie and Boro Park Hatzolah responded as well as many volunteers from Chaveirim, Misaskim and Achiezer.

The community owes a debt of gratitude to NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio who was on the phone countless times with Pinny Ringel, personally asking for updates, and making sure that as many resources as possible responded.

No words can thank NYPD Chief Ruel Stephenson XO, PBBS, whose sincere devotion during the entire incident was obvious to all who were there. His sensitivity was remarkable, and he should be commended for that.

Among the many people who were instrumental in this massive search were: Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor, CO, Community Affairs. Deputy Inspector Kevin Harrington. Capt. Elissa Carlies, XO, 69 Pct. Lt. Ira Jablonsky PBBS Community Affairs. Sergeant Kevin Royall, PBBS Community Affairs; Jack Meyer of Misaskim, Tzvi Weil of Flatbush Shomrim, Moshe Wulliger of Flatbush Hatzolah, Boruch Ber Bender of Achiezer, Nachi Rosenberg of Boro Park Shomrim, Yanky Itzkowitz of Williamsburg Shomrim, Micha Lader of Far Rockaway Shomrim and the more than 500 volunteers from the above organizations as well as community members who responded and assisted in finding Yosef.


  1. Baruch Hashem . Camps should learn to COUNT THE CHILDREN BEFORE THEY GET ON THE BUS AND AFTER, just in case a child should quickly run away. The camp heads should be held accountable. These poor parents and child ,what they went through. It’s traumatizing. Terrible situation

  2. מי כעמך ישראל. Brought happy tears to my eyes.
    Let’s stop worrying about the outside world and their opinions and be proud of ourselves!

  3. Stevenn. Who is talking about doctors here? A boy was lost and found. Unlike your mind Which unfortunately is still lost in corrupt news outlets. Also doctors are NOT always correct.

  4. Stevnn
    Enough with your rubbish.
    If you are hysterical about Covid and you you show its everyday. Stay in your mommy’s basement, locked up, scared.
    And the rest of us, free americans will decide what is best for us.
    America was called the home of the land and land of the free.

    And yes thank you Hashem for this wonderful news!

  5. Common sense person, the camp directors and counselors were extremely responsible in the way they handled the situation, and DID notice the child was missing, BEFORE they left camp
    מי כעמך ישראל!! how many hundreds of volunteers searched in the rain

  6. Thank u Hashem for the happy ending
    My nerves can’t handle much more
    And terribly disappointed that the camp doesn’t have protocols to ensure kids are not missing after excursions
    That’s standard

  7. A child yells tatte even when they don’t see him. Well our tatte in Shomayim hears us all and answers and saves us.
    Now our tatte is calling out to us to do teshuva. Like our incredible community of Hatzoloh & misaskim members as well as average people that are always responding to the call we all need to respond to hashems call.
    Let’s all continue doing all the good we do just a little bit better. That way we will all be zoche to a year of sweetness and geula.

  8. Dear Mr. Common sense person,
    Why point fingers of blame? First get the facts straight (fake news).
    The children were counted by their very responsible counselor before they left the park and that’s how and when he was noticed missing. The counselor immediately went looking for him to no avail. Eventually the bus was sent off back to camp by the camp heads while the heads themselves stayed at the park searching for the boy and never left until the boy was found six hours later.

    A Witness