MASK MANDATE! NY State Health Department Issues Mask Mandate For All Schools

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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The New York State Department of Health has filed an emergency regulation mandating masks inside all school buildings.

The order was filed Friday night.

All students, faculty and staff of public and private schools, pre-K through 12th grade, will be required to wear masks inside school buildings. Visitors will also be required to wear masks inside school buildings.

A letter from Health Commissioner Howard Zucker cites the increasing circulation and transmissibility of the Delta variant as a driving factor for the mandate.

Gov. Kathy Hochul called for a mask mandate for both public and private schools in her inaugural address Tuesday.



  1. Thanks to everyone following their orders
    This will never end…. You think delta is the last of it? We’ll be on a revolving door with variants till the end of time

  2. Here comes the first fight with the jewish community. If last year our schools stayed open without masks when we were in the red zone I don’t see the schools following this this year.
    I heard a principal saying last year the children need to see the rebbi’s facial expression to learn properly and he’s not going to force anyone to wear a mask for 8 hours.

  3. I sent this email to the new New York governor. I encourage others to write their own. With enough backlash, perhaps this gezeira ra can be reversed. Thank you.

    Honorable Governor,

    I usually don’t send emails like this, but I was brought to tears upon hearing that masks were being mandated for school age children.

    I have special needs children and young children who do not do well with masks, and certainly not for a full school day. When masked, their focus on learning is severely limited, social development is inhibited, and a culture of fear is created for them. Also, it is very hard for them to breathe with it on.

    As a teacher this past year, I have seen that much of the year was spent constantly reminding children to keep their masks on, and even with the arguments, most children did not wear it properly for most of the day. This also negatively impacted on the teacher-student relationship and hampered our ability to properly discipline in other areas as well.

    My review of studies has shown that the risk of COVID for children is very low. Thanks to your previous involvement in the governing of our state, all adults can easily vaccinate, which greatly reduces their risk of hospitalization/fatality from COVID. This, to me, appears to indicate that putting children through hours of masking causes great unnecessary detriment to them.

    I have also read that many countries have stopped the practice of masking children for hours at end and have not seen any upticks in cases. Furthermore, the Delta variant, despite its virulence, has shown lower percentages of hospitalizations and deaths than the previous strains. All in all, it seems like masks for all children could really do more harm than good.

    Thank you for considering what is in our children’s best interest.

  4. This is very simple. They always start with the kids because that’s the new generation. They brainwash the kids so that when they grow up they will have the same ideology and fight those who do not. They will be the majority. It’s happened all throughout history. Also you can see the effect of liberalism thriving since that’s what they teach kids in school and it becomes part of them.
    Only the smart ones are able to see the truth. New world order know exactly what they are doing. This will be variant after variant, pandemic after pandemic. And you liberals brought this upon us by going along.

  5. Stevenn if you took life and death matters seriously you would not want your kids or their teachers masked. According to all reputable studies it can hinder a child’s development.

  6. Are we really going to be THE community that fights this?!?! Goodness gracious! People are still dropping dead from this horrendous virus and there’s quibbling about wearing a mask. It’s time for perspective!!
    You want people saying the Jews spread this?!?!?
    It is a MASSIVE chillul H’ not to wear a mask when there is a mandate. The mask burning episode in Boro Park will go down in infamy.
    If the Rebbi’s face needs to be seen, let him wear a clear plastic shield while he teaches. If his voice doesn’t carry properly, he can use a small microphone.