Today is The 20th Yartzheit Of 9/11 – Private Memorial Held At Ground Zero [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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A private memorial was held for Jewish victims at Ground Zero today – a week before the main 9/11 memorial.

The reason for today’s memorial, is that this year, September 11th falls out on a Shabbos, and Police felt that the Jewish victims who perished in the attacks, should be memorialized as well.

Today is the 23rd of Elul, and marks the 20th Yahrzeit of the September 11th attacks on the Hebrew calendar.

The memorial was spearheaded by the Israeli Consulate in NY, the Port Authority Police and Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, and was attended by police from the Port Authority.

Rabbi Jack Meyer, Founder of Misaskim, a 9/11 survivor, and one who was involved for many months with identifying remains of victims, was in attendance as well.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why was it done at Ground Zero? If c’v someone is niftar in a car crash, does the family go to the site of the crash on the yahrtzeits? There’s no such Jewish minhag.

  2. UJM, anyone who survived would go back to that place to say the bracha “She’asa li ness bamakom hazeh”. It follows that this is also an appropriate place to remember those for whom Hashem didn’t make a ness.