DRAMA IN MELBOURNE: Cops Place Siege On “Illegal Rosh Hashanah Minyan” During Lockdown – “It Felt Like Nazi Germany”


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A tense stand-off outside a Melbourne Shul has ended with police warning all adults who illegally gathered that they will be found and fined.

Up to 30 people are now believed to have attended a Rosh Hashanah Minyan, which let police and media in a stand-off with on Tuesday night as they gathered for the first night of Yom Tov.

Six people have been been fined $5,452 for breaching public health orders.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Russell Barrett has told other Mispalilim to come forward and turn themselves in.

He’s vowed to hunt down every adult inside the Shul and fine them.

‘I’m appalled,’ he said on Wednesday morning. ‘Come forward, identify yourself.

‘My instruction to my investigators today is every person at the gathering will receive a penalty notice.’

Supporters stood outside the Shul in Ripponlea, Melbourne on Tuesday night as the Rosh Hashanah continued inside.

There was initially believed to be 100 people inside, but police downscaled the estimated number to around 30 on Wednesday.

Police guarded every exit from the Shul to swoop on worshippers as they left, but many instead took to the roofs of nearby buildings to escape.

But a well-known Jewish community activist told YWN that “Melbourne felt somewhat like Nazi Germany this year Rosh Hashana.. as police sieged a Shul for 14 hours”.

The activist, who requested to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions, told YWN the following:

“We have ZERO COVID cases in the heimishe community of Ripponlea. Over 90% of the 40+ age group are double vaxxed. We asked for a legal way to daven outdoors on Rosh Hashanah, citing “bottle shops and building sites’ that are open for 50-100 people, some even spent thousands in the courts to try to push it through – and the government gave us zero. This prompted some people to go early to a shul (5:30am) and locked themselves in – no noise at all. Unfortunately, some local non-Jewish neighbors were up at 5:00AM and filmed some people going in Tuesday morning and sent the footage to the media. Police surrounded the block like there was a terrorist attack – and they did not leave until Wednesday night. This is appalling and disgusting.”



(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Do these idiots have a death wish on Rosh Hashanah of all days? Whatever they may think SHOULD be “ok” is irrelevant. They clearly knew they were violating the covid rules but went ahead and deliberately violated the rules so as to put the entire frum tzibur at risk and igniting even greater anti-Semitic tropes. The fact that others are violating the rules is not an excuse to go ahead and do the same. Hopefully, the organizers of this chilul hashem will be identified and subject to substantial fines.

  2. I am not surprised the `activist` did not want to reveal his name – what a skewered view!
    `Nazi Germany` or `anti Semitic` slogans that some are using are totally misleading.
    I live in Melbourne and the fact is that many other groups i.e. NOT Jewish, who have been breaking Covid restrictions have had exactly the same treatment.
    The reason the police were there for so long is because the people inside refused to open the door, and police did not want to force their way in, out of concern for the children inside.
    The fact is that this is a group of `entitled` individuals that feel that they are above the law, and Covid laws do not apply to them
    The really sad thing of this whole situation is the massive Chilul HaSem and unbelievable backlash from REAL anti semites who absolutely revel in these situations to besmirch the entire Jewish community.

  3. May The Almighty handsomely & abundantly Bless both America & Britain who have both magnanimously allowed & accommodated High Holiday services both last year & this year.

    Shame on Australia.

  4. There’s certainly an abundance of anti Semitism there. At worst they were law breakers: is that thus a open avenue for anti Semitism? Why aren’t the police officers addressing that? Is that legal in Australia?

  5. Hey its all for our own good! Covid!
    Idiots you submitted to the mask, vax, you thought it would stop.
    It will NEVER STOP.
    It only ends when you all rise up!

  6. Do you see why Jews were rounded up so easily during the Holocaust? You have idiots among us condoning Nazi behavior, that’s why! That’s the rules, they are creating anti-Semitism with this behavior, blah, blah, blah…

    All the individual rights of freedom are being stripped away but it’s about health…yeah, sure…how stupid can people be?

  7. Wait till September 13th when the mayor has ordered restaurants and bakeries not to allow in anyone who has no vax card. It’s ok to vote without any ID but to buy challahs for shabbos is illegal if you have not been vaccinated. If you think last years uproar was something wait and see. The corruption has no end.

  8. da chochom
    “every group gets this treatment” ‘entitled individualls’
    do u know what you are taking about?!? what about the recent lechaim
    just for the record this is the 2nd year melbourne is locked down for rosh hashanah in a row!
    melbourne is very close to being the most days in the lockdown in the whole world! and we have had almost the least amount of cases in the world, certianly not warranting so much lockdown
    just watch this vid:https://www.rebelnews.com/loving_community_targeted_by_police_for_daring_to_celebrate_their_faith (mod pls allow)
    also, melbourne jews were being specifically targetted with police stopping people just walking for excersize (including me) and the police then saying ‘we are not targeting’
    it is a big chilul hashem tho but there were many other minyanim that were not caught
    so pls for all those who commented, before you make a hurtfull comment, know the REAL context
    then without all this sinas chinom we will marche to the geulah bekarov mamash!

  9. Additionally, in the past couple months there have been two illegal gathering caught out and spread all over the media. And its really strange, the both happen to have happened to Jewish people which make up only 1% of the population. Now even stranger, there have barely been any cases recorded in our communities. So to say that they are not targeting us, is absolutely absurd. And its not to say that the other communities have been all legal, just when a story happens with them it is barely publicized and definitely not all over. The many illegal gatherings taking place in the Muslim community are just being let to run, because they are scared of being called racist. Well for some reason anti-Semitism isn’t a worry for them.

  10. Re: @gadolhadorah — I presume that you and your sickly antisemitic friends think it’s obvious that when our ancestors throughout the generations were moser nefesh to hold illegal minyanim, they were not being mechalel Shem shamayim because they were dealing with a sha’as hashmad, when the governments in question were specifically attempting to eradicate religious Jewish practice. Yet, if it is true (and I don’t know if it is — but it was implied as such by a quotee in the article) that the government there has allowed certain non-life-saving stores to continue operating, then (unless Australia actually is attempting to specifically target Jewish religious practice, which I have no reason to assume) doesn’t that mean that Australia is attempting to target (perhaps via apathy as opposed to active hatred) ALL RELIGION? If sha’as hashmad, a war on Jewish religious practice, is reason enough to violate laws and act in ways that may severely endanger Jewish life, isn’t it then obvious that a war (via apathy or otherwise) against all Earthly religions as one — a war, in fact, not against the chosen people but against the very concept of a Creator in the first place — constitutes an even greater need to act in such even dangerously illegal ways?!

    Re: @DA CHACHAM’s post above — see what I wrote to @gadolhadorah just above. Though I would note that your post does not smack at all of antisemitism like that rapscallion’s.

    Re: All comparisons to Nazis — you guys are being ridiculous! There is no reason to presume that the government there or the police force, etc., are doing anything hatefully, cruelly, or spitefully. See my comment above though regarding why it is worth it to fight them.

    Three last points:

    1) Re: @Joshua45’s post — Yes!!!! It is anyways worth it to fight the government there because, in general, the more that the governments of the world see that they can act with brazenly controlling tactics, even if they mean those tactics sincerely (which may or may not be the case; they may just like control), the more severe danger we Jews, and indeed, the world’s entire population, will find ourselves in. I think it is self explanatory that a widespread global return to dictatorial governments at this point in world history would be extremely life-threatening to many (as demonstrated most recently by the goings-on in Syria, Husseinian Iraq, North Korea… just to name a few…).

    2) Re: @147’s post — Yes!!! Amen!!! G-d Bless Future President De Santis and President DJT, especially!

    3) Re: All — Regardless of all the views expressed, why is no one attempting to feel the pain of the Australian community who have been, for extended periods of time throughout the past two years, locked in their homes like animals by a sick dictatorial government. Please, people! Ah bisselle rachmanus!

  11. Rabbosai, these Australians nebech have been under lockdown forever. They’re frustrated. Let’s be a little more Ahavas Yisrael the day after Rosh Hashana. Our comments need not be so filled with venom. They’re Jews too. Show Hashem how we could love Jews even if they’ve erred, as we wish for Him to love us even though we’ve erred.

  12. imagine this was new york , no a chance us yidden would put up w these draconian way over the top bullying rules . not sure what other options they have
    1818- you should view this as mesiras nefesh for tefila.., wipe your lenses and see this properly… this is what jews did throughout history when dealing with tyrants
    gadol.. who’s rules is the question, as yidden there is a higher authority , we dont look to skirt local law but gov does not have t the final say… as you said yesterday hamamlich melochim veloh hamlucha

  13. No one should act illegally – however the question is on the Australian government! Why are they still having these ridiculous lockdowns??! It makes no sense.

    Why are they different than the rest of the world?!

    Praying in a synagogue should indeed be legal

  14. Gatherings are presently illegal in Australis due to COVID concerns. Israel also banned minyonim for some time due to COVID concerns.

    Antisemitic behavior is illegal at all times in Australia and Israel.

    If the Jewish community will not obey the law during COVID, why should the Australian government and police devote the resources they do to upholding the law banning anti-semitic behavior? COVID affects the whole population. Anti-semitism is against the Jewish community.

    If instead of filming and reporting those who went to the “secret” minyonim, the locals had screamed anti-semitic slogans, smashed the shuls, and destroying the shtreimels, not however attacking Yidden, would that have been OK, after all, we can choose what secular laws we choose to break, so why can’t others?

  15. Why did they wake up like a bunch outlaws in the middle of the night, and show fear.
    let the governments send fines and just set up a campaign to pay for it.
    At some point the government will have to use the services of the police for other things but stand by every shul

  16. Why did they wake up like a bunch outlaws in the middle of the night, and show fear.
    let the governments send fines and just set up a campaign to pay for it.
    At some point the government will have to use the services of the police for other things but stand by every shul, and the news about those jews will get boring so the media will just move on.

  17. It’s coming to American democRATic cities. People should build secret exits in all shuls so their is an escape plan if surrounded by liberal fascist inspectors.

  18. Really Confused, you are well named.

    The fine is $5500 PER ADULT. Just six people were caught at Satmar, and that alone is $33,000. Imagine if they caught all 30 or so men who were there, that would have been $165,000. Multiply that by every illegal minyan that was held (and there were many), and by two days, plus Yom Kippur, plus every Shabbos; what kind of campaign could raise that much money? Where could they raise it?

    And WHY should they not hide? Do you think the underground yeshivos in Russia didn’t hide?! Did Rabbi Akiva and RaSHBI not hide?! Did the people doing mitzvos in Auschwitz not hide?! Even Rabbi Meir pretended to eat treif, and Elisha Baal Knofayim hid his tefillin when the soldiers saw him. We have to take risks for yiddishkeit, but we are not required to openly advertise what we’re doing and shove it in the goyim’s faces and *BEG* them to punish us!

  19. I don’t get all of you, what’s the big deal. They were Davening on Rosh Hashana, Malchus Zicronos and Shofros, that’s all. So what if it’s a “secular Chillul Hashem”, I never heard of any source in Halacha saying that it’s forbidden for a community of 90% vaxed and recovered not to daven together. With all due respect to the Australian government of course. They’re entitled to their opinion but Halacha doesn’t recognize every law and regulation just because it comes from some government. We only follow the law because the Torah said to, but there are limitations to that.