WATCH: Israeli Cops Smash Door During Tish Of Mezibuz Rebbe Over “Noise Complaint”, Confiscate Keyboard


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Israeli Police officers arrived at a home in Bnei Brak where the Mezibuz Rebbe was holding his Hoshanah Rabba Tish, saying they received “noise complaints”.

Police violently smashed the door – as if there was an armed criminal inside – and confiscated the keyboard that was used at the Tish.

The Rebbe attempted to reason with the officers, who had also arrived with the fire department and some other inspectors.

See the videos below.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Secular country where the government incites hatred against Frum Jews. How can we have a “Jewish State” where those who are actually keeping the Torah are being persecuted by non religious haters?!

  2. Like animals the police just broke the door and walked in private property without warning or notice?
    Animals why don’t the ISRAELI Police do that to the Arabs who points the loude speakers at 4 am waking up every single Jew?
    Oh yeah tolerance for Arabs and and braking the doors and conting personal property without warning and notice.

  3. The root of the problem with these anti-sematic cops, etc. is that many many of them are not Yidden at all. (They don’t have Yiddish feelings that ANY real Yid has.) They (or their parents) became ‘Israeli Jews’ when immigrating via Israeli law. The Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l warned (screamed, begged, and pleaded) about this outcome back in the 70’s when these laws were passed. (מי הוא יהודי)

    So, don’t feel bad, like ‘how can a Yid do this?’. They are not Yidden.

    A gut kvittel!
    Hashem Yazor with Simchat Torah and a Good Yom Tov!

  4. Why did someone have his camera focused on the door before it was broken down? Did they know the police were at the door and they chose to ignore them? If so, what a Chilul Hashem! (Hopefully, I am wrong.)

  5. need respect for neighbors too, v’ahavtah l’reacha is also a mitzvah.
    teach your chasidim that respect the rights of neighbors to go to sleep is also a big mitzvah….

  6. There is no context behind this video – only YW’s presumptive narrative which is inaccurate at best and entirely false at worst (probably the case).