WATCH THIS: Playgroup Teacher Sings “Mask Song” To Suffocating Toddlers


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This is a playgroup teacher teaching her playgroup a new “song”, as her 2 and 3 year old toddlers have their faces masked.

“I wear a mask to school…”

“It helps to keep me safe….”

“It keeps my friends safe…”

This viral video has thousands on social media calling this child abuse.

We report, you decide.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Every Yeshiva should be inspired to follow suit & example of these צדיקים גמורים children, and any Yeshiva not following such protocols, needs to be shuttered down immediately.

  2. Agree with After Eight

    I don’t see any indication of suffocation. Presumably the parents of these children sent them with a mask, so I don’t see why you would accuse the teacher.

  3. Dont see anything abusive in the song..its actually cute..and positive…tho doesnt mean i agree with them needing to wear masks …how come we never did masks for flu?

  4. This is really nice – there are small things that all of us can do to stay healthy and keep ourselves and others safe. We wash our hands before (and maybe after) eating, we cover our noses when we sneeze, and we wear masks when a disease is spreading around us, since wearing masks reduces the spread of germs. It’s great that this teacher can help make children in her class more relaxed about what could be a stressful ask. Great work!

  5. The Kids look fine. I dont agree with the policy but what is the Teacher who makes a living from this job and who’s school requires masks for kids supposed to do?
    She seems to be doing a great job with the situation she is in.
    Anyone who decided that she is happy with this situation just from seeing this video is being inexcusably foolish.

  6. The left doesn’t need science to convince people to do the craziest things
    They just expect the blind sheep to follow and woe to the ones who disagree
    There is no science to support mask wearing for kids
    Quite a bit of science showing it’s detrimental in terms of oxygen levels, learning, bacteria exposure from dirty sweaty face diapers that literally breed on the kids faces as they drool and breathe all day. And who exactly are they protecting? Kids are not at risk from covid
    Forget the psychological damage which will probably scar them forever
    Fear of faces
    Fear of sickness
    Paranoia of other kids who have no mask
    Child abuse and evil and sickness to the highest level

  7. As an educator, licensed social worker and parent, I must tell you that for those who find mask wearing not too be uncomfortable, this may be fine, but for those who do it is real abuse. In addition, even for those who are comfortable in masks, not seeing the facial expressions of their peers and teachers at such a critical developmental stage, will have ramifications that will be lamented later on in these children’s lives. Those schools that don’t mask their kids will be vindicated as were those schools that had in-person learning the entire last year.

    Btw, “your_crazy”, What is wrong with listening to her husband’s voice? I assume that you meant קול אשה – without the “י”.

  8. Your headline is uncalled for and totally exaggerated. I agree with After Eight. There are children all over the world who wore masks to school, including my grandchildren in E”Y. Everyone survived, no one suffocated. The children listen to rules if the adults don’t tell them not to. Frum kinderlach are not any more sensitive than children all over the world. This has become political and has nothing to do with abuse of children. Just because our community is for the most part politically conservative, does not mean we have to parrot every stupid thing said by conservative talk show hosts and Fox News.

  9. Is this article sponsored by a funeral home? Who else would benefit from smearing people who wear masks?

    Had all yeshivas worn masks thousands of lives would have been saved.

    The fact that masks stop the spread of infection to others is almost undisputed.

  10. @duvidf
    Is that a fact? If we just go on what we are told that masks help, why is it when we look back at the major gatherings (large wedding in Williamsburg last year) was there a higher case of infection and death? Not that I can recall.
    Covid can be scary but don’t start making up stupidity. If you want vax but making kids mask? That’s overboard

  11. Lakewood Bubby, there are many children and adults who find wearing a mask suffocating and claustrophobic, especially for 8 – 10 hours a day. Even in this photo there are at least two kids with the masks below their noses. I am also not convinced that masks are saving lives. They may turnout to be as helpful as gloves.

  12. YWN, do you have the permission of each child’s parents to post this video? Or the permission of the teacher? You’re looking at a lawsuit.


    Largest study of masks yet details their importance in fighting Covid-19
    Scientists conducted a randomized trial across 600 villages and more than 340,000 people in Bangladesh and found that even some adoption of surgical masks made a difference.

    Sept. 2, 2021, 1:04 AM IDT / Updated Sept. 2, 2021, 4:43 PM IDT

    By Denise Chow

    A study involving more than 340,000 people in Bangladesh offers some of the strongest real-world evidence yet that mask use can help communities slow the spread of Covid-19.

    The research, conducted across 600 villages in rural Bangladesh, is the largest randomized trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of surgical masks, in particular, to curb transmission of the coronavirus. Though previous, smaller studies in laboratories and hospitals have shown that masks can help prevent the spread of Covid, the new findings demonstrate that efficacy in the real world — and on an enormous scale.

    “This is really solid data that combines the control of a lab study with real-life actions of people in the world to see if we can get people to wear masks, and if the masks work,” said Laura Kwong, an assistant professor of environmental health sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the co-authors of the study.

    The preprint study was posted online Wednesday by the nonprofit organization Innovations for Poverty Action and is currently undergoing peer review. The research was led by Kwong, Jason Abaluck and Mushfiq Mobarak from Yale University, and Steve Luby and Ashley Styczynski from Stanford University.

    The study’s findings have important implications for countries that are relying on mitigation measures to slow the virus’s spread until vaccines are more readily available. But there are also applicable lessons for nations like the United States, where some communities are reimposing mask mandates to stem outbreaks of the delta variant.

    “The policy question we were trying to answer was: If you can distribute masks and get people to wear them, do they work?” said study co-author Mushfiq Mobarak, a professor of economics at Yale.

    For five months beginning last November, Mobarak and his colleagues tracked 342,126 adult Bangladeshis and randomly selected villages to roll out programs to promote their usage, which included distributing free masks to households, providing information about their importance and reinforcing their use in the community.

    Among the roughly 178,000 individuals who were encouraged to wear them, the scientists found that mask-wearing increased by almost 30 percent and that the change in behavior persisted for 10 weeks or more. After the program was instituted, the researchers reported an 11.9 percent decrease in symptomatic Covid symptoms and a 9.3 percent reduction in symptomatic seroprevalence, which indicates that the virus was detected in blood tests.

    While the effect may seem small, the results offer a glimpse of just how much masks matter, Mobarak said.

    “A 30-percent increase in mask-wearing led to a 10 percent drop in Covid, so imagine if there was a 100-percent increase — if everybody wore a mask and we saw a 100-percent change,” he said.

    The scientists said masks significantly reduced symptomatic infections among older adults, and found that surgical masks were more effective than cloth versions.

  14. Those who are judging YWN for its harsh title clearly didn’t watch the second part of the video, where five or six of the children pass out from lack of oxygen. B”H an antimasker was on the premises and saved those children’s lives by removing their masks.

  15. To all readers wondering about the juvenile headline — it’s simply a troll-like tactic to generate comments / attention … too stupid to even comment on unless your a kool aid drinker like E C and the rest who don’t mind killing their own people — did any of you fools ( including who wrote the headline ) glance at the very next article describing 3 dead Chabad yiddin? Or do you care more about your infowars WhatsApp forwards and your love affair with past presidents ?

  16. A major part of childrens learning process is by studying faces and facial expressions. This will all be absent. Poor kids. This is not what it ought be.

  17. There are probably 100 things that can be done to mitigate germ spread. In America we argue about masks in front of a closed window in a room with no ventilation. In the UK, I understand they have advertisements about ventilation. What’s so difficult?

  18. Surgeons wear masks for hours during lengthy operations, and are expected to. There has never been a concern or evidence of their lacking oxygen. So, for those who make this claim, I say nourishkeit.
    Some of the kids were wearing masks that were probably too large for their face, thus partially covering their vision. That is an impediment to learning.

  19. This is incendiary, irresponsible, and frankly reminds me of the sensational statements seen at the bottom of the CNN screen(pilon?) that says things like: “Republicans Prepare to Lie Before Congressional Hearing”.
    This is the school’s policy, the parents are okay sending their children, and the teacher is trying to make the best of an unfavorable circumstance.

    Respectfully, perhaps Rabbi Yair Hoffman can do a halachic analysis about why I am wrong and how this article is okay.

  20. Im not even going to talk about the teacher in this case because I am assuming she is just following orders and doing her job, Pretty creative way to entertain these little kids. (although none of them seem like they are anywhere close to excited about this situation). Honestly i would accuse the parents of child abuse! poor little baby’s with not a drop of fresh air for a full day of school, look at one of those kids its actually covering her eyes! If you feel the world is not safe lock your kids up at home. Why torture the child and send it with a mask till its eyes to school?? Because your uncomfortable sitting home with your kids?? Hu? So you make your child uncomfortable. And shame on anyone that believes masks saves lives and keeps us safe, You forgot who runs the world?? No ones life could be saved if Hashem doesn’t want them to be alive today. Yes I do believe in guarding over ones body but this makes no sense what so ever. No proof, no nothing, just a way for some leftist to try to believe and make us believe that they are in control of the world. What is this world coming to? A yid shouldnt know who the one guarding and protecting him is?? No its not the MASKS! wake up. Meron, Surfside?? Can we protect anything?

  21. Here is Israel people wear them all day long at work and school. Nobody is passing out. Children cough and sneeze as well as touch and convey saliva without much thought, so they are huge spreaders of disease. One doesn’t need to be a gaon oilam or rocket scientist to understand that. The issue is not whether they are at risk for Covid.
    And all of those Chinese etc who for decades wear a mask all winter when outside aren’t stupid. It works very well in one direction (outgoing) and to a degree in the other direction (receiving germs). That’s why they are called SURGICAL masks- those in the operating room wear them so their germs don’t get on the patient.
    However it looks like some of the kids are wearing cloth masks which are not recommended. Also, some are the wrong size.
    N95 masks (with guarded filters only) are best, but they aren’t available or affordable for everyone.
    The comments re the kids being traumatized are rather absurd. We are in a global pandemic. Would they be less traumatized if their loved ones died chas v’shalom? Will you withhold treatment from a seriously ill child (lo aleinu) since the treatment just may traumatize them? Maybe you don’t even give your kids shots or a blood test since that needle is so scary? Let’s not turn our kids into total wimps who can’t handle any challenges in life.

  22. @shmerelberel. If you know kids one doesn’t need to be a gaon oilam or rocket scientist to understand that 2 and 3 year old kids, DO NOT keep back from putting there hands under their masks to touch their mouth or nose if needed. What does it take for a child to let some drool drop out of his mouth and have it bypass the mask (especially since its too big on some of them anyways). And hay how do they eat lunch? Enough time to share the germs. So talk about using the following method prevent the spread of the I just cant imagine it being affective at all.