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MUST WATCH: Reporter Destroys Self-Hating Jewish Owners Of Ben & Jerry’s

The co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream were recently confronted about why, despite refusing to sell frozen desserts in “Occupied Palestinian Territory”, they continue to sell in states with policies that don’t align with their political beliefs.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, long known for their progressive politics, were interviewed on “Axios on HBO” by reporter Alexi McCammond.

McCammond asked Cohen and Greenfield why, despite being “big proponents” of abortion and voting rights, the company still sells ice cream in Georgia and Texas, both of which have tightened laws on those issues.

The video below speaks for itself:

15 Responses

  1. Don’t think she actually “destroys” them, just makes them look foolish to those of us who clearly see the sheker of the Democrat party. Their religion is left wing progressiveness, NOT Judaism. My cat probably knows more about Yiddishkeit than these two. It’s interesting how one of them says how can I be anti Jewish when I and my entire family is Jewish? What a tippish! Being a self-hating Jew is actually a tenet of their “faith”. Their hypocrisy is revolting!

  2. Riverdale2,

    You hit the nail on the head.

    They answered very clearly and calmly what their position is vis-à-vis selling in the west bank and why it is different than the rest of Israel. They are very confident in what they are doing.

    They agreed with her question that maybe they should also be boycotting other places for other issues but then there would be no place to sell.

    Since when does a boycott of Israel policy in the west bank makes a person any less Jewish?

    I personally have no opinion on this whole issue of selling ben and jerry’s ice cream in the west bank.

  3. 1. Why is that all Jews from Vermont look like Bernie Sanders?

    2. I don’t believe these are self-hating Jews. These are simply Jews who never bothered to dig into the richness and depth of their religion and never really thought critically about anything.

    3. These two are too shallow to come up with Ben & Jerry’s current anti-Israeli settlement policy. It is clear that someone else is dictating to them what to think and believe and how to punish the Israeli towns. I believe on e of their managers is strongly anti-Israel and very possibly anti-semitic and is telling the owners what to say and do. Because Ben Nd Jerry have not thought deeply about any issues they simply accept the propaganda and do what they are told.

  4. People are constantly tackling this issue from the wrong angle. It needs to be clear to everyone that the claim that Israel is occupying stolen territory is a total lie and has never been proven.

  5. They’re not self-hating. They don’t hate Jews who think and act exactly like goyim, and think they are exactly the same as goyim. They only hate those other Jews, the ones who are proud to be G-d’s chosen people, and who act as Jews should, and refuse to pretend they are the same as goyim.

  6. RZ, the issue is that Unilever’s contract with them guarantees that the company’s board remains independent, and has the power to make decisions like this.

  7. they are liberal lefties, who happen to be wealthy and do not care much what anyone thinks.
    True, they are anti Jewish, anti semites and stoop it people.
    But they have last laugh, they have the money…….

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