CHILLING AUDIO: Final Moments Of San Diego Airplane Crash: ‘Climb Immediately’

Fire crews work the scene of a small plane crash, Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, in Santee, California. At least two people were killed and two others were injured when the plane crashed into a suburban Southern California neighborhood, setting two homes ablaze, authorities said. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

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Chilling audio of the exchange between the pilot of the plane that crashed in California on Monday and air traffic control reveals moments of intense alarm and apparent disorientation.

“It looks like you are drifting off course. Are you correcting?” an air traffic controller is heard asking Dr. Sugata Das, an Arizona cardiologist and pilot of the deadly flight.

The air traffic controller then became more specific in his commands to Das.

“Low altitude alert. Climb immediately. Climb the airplane. Maintain 5,000. Expedite the climb. Climb the airplane please.”

The controller continued urging the pilot to ascend to 5,000 feet as the plane remained at about 1,500 feet above ground.

“You appear to be descending again, sir,” the air traffic controller then said.

The twin-engine Cessna was headed to San Diego from Yuma, Arizona, but ultimately crashed into a Santee neighborhood, killing Das and a UPS truck driver that was hit by the plane.

(Source: Fox News)


  1. The pilot might have been vaccine-injured. There are reports emerging of many commercial pilots who have had the ‘covid shot’ expiring in their hotel rooms on overnight stay overs in various cities around the country. Apparently there was a Delta flight from LA last week where one of the pilots suddenly died in the cockpit, and the copilot called for an emergency landing. This seems to be quite widespread.