NJ: Governor Murphy Maintains Double-Digit Lead Over Ciattarelli In Latest Poll


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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s huge re-election lead has narrowed slightly, but he is still 11 points ahead of Republican Jack Ciattarelli less than a week before the election, the final pre-election Monmouth Poll found Wednesday.

Murphy leads Ciattarelli 50%-39%, the university’s pollsters said. The same poll had Murphy ahead by 16 points in August and 13 points in September.

(Source: NBC New York)


  1. A Little fact Gov Murphy is leaving out, is that he secretly funneled 40 Million dollars to illegals and plans to give them more. He just isn’t letting anyone else know till he is re-elected, so if you want your tax bills (and the rest of us to be paying more) to be getting higher, then by all means, vote for Murphy!! Project Veritas strikes again!!