WATCH IT: Facui Fires Back At Senator Cruz Over Call For Him To Be Prosecuted “What Happened On Jan 6, Senator?”

(Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP, File)

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Appearing on Face the Nation Sunday, Dr Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert went after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) — who, earlier this year, called on the attorney general to prosecute Fauci. The attack on Cruz came as part of a rant from Fauci about what he dismissed as “theater” from critics such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan referenced Cruz.

“Senator Cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted,” she said.

Fauci laughed at the notion.

“I should be prosecuted?!” Fauci said. “What happened on Jan. 6, senator?!”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. All the more for him to remove himself from his position since this shows he’s highly politicized rather of being a Dr., he’s not credible.

  2. Every time Fauci opens mouth I trust him less.

    Basically all he is saying “trust me and the authority of science I represent”

    He isn’t actually addressing the charges against him.

    I will however ask Fauci the question he asked “What about January 6th? Is Cruz credibly accused of commiting any crime on January 6th? Or do you just know that mention January 6th to the Democrats and you are the good guy fighting the bad guys . no matter what you actually are guilty of…”

  3. Dr. Fauci is senile. Ted Cruz was in Congress during the January 6 riot, and there were rioters who called for Cruz’s head. So Fauci is not saying anything of any value at all by calling up January 6.

  4. January 6th has little if anything to do with the points Senator Cruz, Senator Rand or others have made against Fauci.

    Fauci has been implicated in the planning of an epidemic, its deceptive and perhaps sinisterly dangerous treatment plan, and his involvement with this narrative generally (the c19 ‘plandemic’), as well as with other projects considered to be of great deceit.

  5. Not sure what Jan 6 has to do with it. If someone feels fauci is being dishonest which is quite possible he should be investigated. Jan 6 is completely irrelevant. Actually just the fact that his answer to Cruz was Jan 6 lends itself to believe that he’s being political

  6. Fauci lied to Congress about NIH funding for Covid gain of function research, from which he personally profited by some reliable reports. What does Sen. Cruz have to do with the Jan. 6th convention of imbeciles at the capitol? Was he there? Did he encourage it? They obviously didn’t teach analytical thinking, even at its most elementary level, in the college he attended.

  7. January 06: a peaceful protest until the rabble rousers from the FBI, BLM and Antifa ginned some people up. No gun violence from President Trump’s people. The only ones killed were innocent people killed by police.

  8. Nothing significant happened on January 6, you charlatan. A mostly peaceful protest, marred by some very minor violence by a tiny number of people, most of whom didn’t even bother attending the President’s rally or listening to his speech. The overwhelming majority, 99.9%, of the protesters were completely peaceful, and even the violence of the tiny few pales into complete insignificance compared to the wanton destruction that you and the current president and vice president endorsed and encouraged throughout 2020.

  9. The events of January 6th are directly connected to the Fauci-funded virus. I’m not alleging or implying voter fraud. The election was”rigged” by the Fauci virus.

  10. The sheker in the world is so absolutely engulfing that it’s getting progressively more difficult to see how the world could ever recover from it. We so desperately need Mashiach.

  11. If Fauci had anything to say about Cruz then he should say it to his face instead of behind his back. And in terms of Jan 6, Cruz was in the minority – meaning it was the Democrats who were in charge of security, and Cruz is outraged that the Democrats refuse to release anything more than a few moments of out-of-context snippets out of their store house of tens-of thousands of hours of information (like security videos). So the question is – why are the Democrats the ones hiding what happened on Jan 6 – and that question should addressed to the Democrats.

  12. Like the Science of America ignoring Natural Immunity when the majority of the world including the EU does. Fauxy’s murderous quest tenure began with his tenure in HIV by denying repurposed drug cocktails that now proved to save millions of lives. (learn your history).

    They keep moving on the “science” goal post by constantly changing the definition of vaccine. New Science will soon be that a synthetic spike virus was necessary to depopulate the planet due to global warming in a non-discriminatory fashion.

  13. trump, by not masking, by not social distancing at demagogue style rallies, is the one who has 700,000 lives on his head. people look up to leaders, and a leader who is a demagogue and con artist and big fat liar is the one who has blood on his hands.
    after you’ve been elected pesident, why hold rallies?.
    p.s trump had 4 years to build a wall to stop the immigrants at our southern border. nu? he also said mexico would pay for that wall. nu?
    as for fauci, he is a spokesman, that’s all. he changed his mind? well, that’s because in science things change constantly and you have to go with the flow. don’t u see that virus changing and mutating constantly?
    you anti faucis are sick