ISRAEL TO REMAIN CLOSED: Extends More Stringent Coronavirus Regulations By Another Week


Israel is apparently extending the more stringent Covid-19 quarantine regulations that were enacted a few weeks ago by an additional seven days. Channel 12 news in Israel reported the extension of the stricter regulations that caused a severe drop in travel to and from the country recently and said that the Government decided upon the longer time frame in an effort to curb the spread of the Omicron strain of the virus in Israel.

The regulations included a mandatory isolation period for anyone entering the country, including Israelis who recovering coronavirus patients and those who have received even three vaccinations. All travelers are required to take a PCR test before boarding a flight to Israel, in Ben Gurion Airport upon their return to the country, and then they must go home to enter into isolation for a minimum of three days.

After three days, they are allowed to exit isolation in order to take another PCR test, if that too is negative, then they will be allowed out of isolation. If the traveler does not take a PCR test, they must remain in isolation for two weeks.

Israel also recently closed its borders once again to all non-citizens, and the borders will remain closed until further notice.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Is anyone stupid enough to not look at Israel and see what happens when everyone gets vaccinated? just look they could allow everyone to travel without problem, no Covid-19 hotels, no masks, no over crowded hospitals,non of all that it is all in the past.

  2. Israel also recently closed its borders once again to all non-citizens, with the exception of bennett’s פריצות girl friends for this miss world pageantry

  3. Confirmed from a high ranking interior ministry office worker
    Israel is opening its borders to all vaccinnated tourists again this sunday december 12!

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    Does anyone have any idea what number that is? @Stevenn do you have a clue what that number is ?

    I’ll bet you don’t so here let me tell you. That is the percentage of people who have tested positive in Israel over the past week. So They are locking down the country and inconveniencing so many people for far less than 1% of their population! Does that make sense? Because to me it does not! I think that Bennett needs to open up that bottle cap yamaka of his and relieve some of the pressure that’s in his cranium because then maybe he’ll be able to think again like a normal person. The worst part about this china virus is that it’s stopped people from being able to think like normal human beings. They all walk around like zombies.