TRAGIC UPDATE FROM WOODMERE: 15-Year-Old Girl R”L Killed In Crash By Drunk Driver; 38-Year-Old Woman Remains Critical


Tragedy struck the Great Neck and Five Towns Jewish communities on Sunday, as word spread of a horrific crash on Motzei Shabbos, involving a vehicle with girls returning from a Camp Sternberg reunion.

Nassau County Police tell YWN that just before 11:00PM, an Audi turning southbound onto Peninsula Boulevard from Edward Avenue collided with a blue 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck driven by Arlin Javier Aguilera travelling northbound on Peninsula Boulevard.

A Hatzolah member happened to be on the block at the time and radioed for backup and began providing care to the victims. Hatzolah worked tirelessly to render aid, and transport the victims, using massive amounts of resources dispatched within minutes to the scene.

Unfortunately, rumors have been viral on social media since the crash, stating that two victims were deceased. That is incorrect.

Tragically, YWN regrets to update that 15-year-old Liel Namdar A”H from Great Neck was Niftar from massive injuries sustained in the crash. Levaya details were still being finalized as of 9:45AM.

Additionally, please say Tehillim for Miriam bas Yocheved, a 38-year-old woman who is in critical condition and needs our Tefilos.


Two other occupants remain hospitalized from the Audi in stable condition. The occupants of the pickup truck suffered minor injuries.

Achiezer at the scene

The Achiezer organization has been working tirelessly with local authorities to ensure proper Kavod Hames, with numerous volunteers working at the scene all night as well as Achiezer teams in the various hospitals and working with the family.

Police tell YWN that Arlin Javier Aguilera, 34, of West Hempstead, was arrested on charges of second-degree vehicular manslaughter, second-degree vehicular assault and driving while intoxicated. He is expected to be arraigned on Sunday.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…



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  1. Why does YWN feel the need to post this???? What importance does this play in the life of anyone who sees this post?? For the families involved, they’ll find out. For those not involved this does nothing other than create “hock” and start rumors etc. This is a terrible trend YWN has of posting “sensationalizing” things for views and it’s utterly despicable to capitalize on someone else’s tragedy. Nobody is getting inconvenienced by traffic in this area at this hour so what legitimate purpose does this posy actually serve? Sick sick sick.

  2. idonthaveneidea made a valid point
    If you have the names of cholim for us to daven for, then it would be purposeful. Otherwise, sensationalism.

  3. A)It gives us an opportunity to recite Tehilim for the unfortunate victims.
    B) It allows us to contemplate Hashems greatness and awesomeness, in seeing his Midas Hadin.
    C) It may serve to inspire others in adhering to the mitzva of “vnishmartem meoid lnafshoiseichem”

    May Hashem grant all the victims a complete and speedy recovery!

  4. Well, it can inspire hatred for the drunk driver, Javier whatever the f its name is. Let’s hope he suffers for the rest of his hopefully short remaining life, that piece of garbage.

  5. Correct name for Miriam is Miriam bas Pesia Yocheved. It’s also good for people to know that the girl who you didn’t mention is out of the hospital and doing okay Baruch Hashem, but people should please still daven for her emotional recovery (as for the others as well). Her name is Rachel Esther has Tamar.

  6. I imagine YWN correctly feels the need to post news like this so that people who may know the family of the niftar have the opportunity to be menachem novel. Those who have no idea who the niftar was have the opportunity to express a simple BDE online. The only creates “hock” and start rumors etc. in the heads of mindless individuals who will find something wrong with everything. What miserable people you must be! The disgusting “cream” of donthaveanidea’s post is the real nub of his or her disdain – the thought that this might have been worth posting if, chas veshalom, people might have been inconvenienced by traffic in the area. Forget the family of the nifteres, I, the great and important me, might have been inconvenienced!

  7. Dear Sternberg Family,

    The Sternberg community is always a family and as such, while we usually celebrate and have a great time together, unfortunately, we sometimes must cry together.

    There have been many and varied rumors circulating regarding an accident that occurred after the reunion. We feel that it is important to clarify and share the emes as we know it at this point. B’H, Aliza bas Miriam and Rachel Esther bas Tamar have been released from the hospital.

    Please continue to say tehillim for Chana Eliana bas Naomi and Miriam bas Pesia Yocheved who are still in need of our tefillos.

    We hope to share besuros tovos.
    Dov and Allyson Perkal

  8. @Ibj
    You would think that this article would not bring about comments about zionsim, yet people’s obsession can not be stopped.
    Refuah SHelaimah for all injured and Hamakom Yeracheim to the family of the girl

  9. lbj, you should be ashamed of yourself to use a tragic occasion like this to spread loshon harah about the Five Towns!. Yes, we admire our Hatzalah volounteers, who respond in seconds to save our lives! Why not? They ARE heroes! But to say that they are our religion because we can’t turn to Torah heroes? That is a disgusting lie! Obviously you have never visited any of our many yeshivas or met any of our distinguished Rebbeim and Torah scholars.

  10. Please also daven for Chana Eliana bas Naomi who remains hospitalized.

    Please also continue to daven for Aliza bas Miriam (daughter of Miriam bas Ina Pesia Yocheved) and Rochel Esther bas Tamar who were released from the hospital.

  11. I have said this before and I will say it again: Drunk driving is a serious, life-threatening crime that needs much more aggressive enforcement and punishment. It is imperative that voters in the elections for district attorneys, mayors and county executives make tougher enforcement an significant issue.

    To Not getting involved: Consider changing your screen name to Don’t get it. You have no understanding of bail. If the drunk driver in this tragedy is properly prosecuted, he will be in jail for 15 years.

  12. My Suggestion to camps, if you do camps for girls don’t let them go home late at night, even though roads are clear however many drunk goyim are driving and accidents may happen. My daughter 15 yrs old also came last night at 3:30 pm from NJ I was very worried, not good this out little children should not come home late, we as parents want to sleep peacefully

  13. You are so fast to criticize YWN. However do you scrutinize your own comments before posting? Are you posting for PURPOSE or is it just for SENSATIONALISM?!

  14. As an ex-member of the TAG family (I taught there 20 years ago) my heart goes out to Liel’s A”H family, friends and teachers. This is truly heartbreaking. I pray they all find comfort.

    As an aside, I am so sick of the constant bickering over tragedies. Just because you can comment, it doesn’t mean you have to. There is so much tsur in this world, how can you possibly think it’s ok to drag this tragedy into such low arguments.

  15. Could someone please clarify the name for tehillim?
    I’ve seen three different versions
    Miriam bas Yocheved
    Miriam bas pesya Yocheved
    Miriam bas Ina Pesya Yocheved

  16. huju, the irony is that you mention voting for the right types of DAs, mayors, and county executives, yet you are even further left-wing that Biden. The types of liberals you’ll push for with indeed (as “not getting involved” mentioned) permit leniency and clemency for many occurrences. Bail reform in and of itself is primarily a Democrat value and initiative, as well as shortening sentences.