Ex-NYC Mayor DeBlasio Won’t Run For Governor


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Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he will not be running for governor.

De Blasio made the announcement in a video posted on Twitter, saying he would “devote every fiber of my being to fighting inequality in the state of New York.”

Word that de Blasio would not be running came after a new Siena poll showed Governor Hochul leading the former by 34%.


  1. He is saving himself to be Hillary’s running mate in 2024….Hillary/DeB will be the most powerful presidential ticket in modern times that will drown any Trump candidacy.

  2. De Blasio was one of the biggest disappointments in NYC history. Not sure when he became so radical and dishonest. I seem to recall him as being a mentch. However, in past years, I cannot detect a single statement from him that was decent. Oh, he did utter a few prepared lines to avoid being totally rejected. The askanim within the frum community that supported him are equally disappointing. I wish they would find themselves other forms of entertainment and arrogance.

  3. None of the commenters with negative opinions of deBlasio gave solid reasons why they think he was a bad mayor. I think he did some good things, e.g., universal pre-K, reducing crime (until the final year and the Covid mishigoss), maybe encouraging some affordable housing (though I don’t know how much more is needed), and generally good results with Covid vaccinations, masking are Covid control. He also tried some good things, like safer traffic, though I am not sure he succeeded. I also think he stayed away from bris regulation and did not seem to push hard on Yeshiva curriculum. I don’t know why he draws so much negative but unspecific comment on YWN. Does anyone care to explain?

  4. Huju, the only positive thing he ever did in his career was the decision he made not to run for governor.
    Otherwise, he had no backbone and was a real bully. Works together- Bullies are Cowards. And every time Cuomo bullied this underdog, Blasio found an underdog to bully.
    Good Riddance

  5. huju
    This guy removed a lane on the BQE to reduce traffic because that highway is not strong enough that is just his model of how he deals with a problem instead of fixing it he buried it, just let everyone sit in traffic if you want to go somewhere that is 2 or 3 miles away.
    He says affordable housing hard to say when you are a mayor of a big city of millions, where rent is crazy high when all you did was take a couple of choked landlords and choked them more, and left everyone else paying crazy numbers for nothing.
    PreK all that does is take more money from our taxes and give it to schools and tell them what they are allowed to teach, and then the schools still ask for 50% of regular tuition
    And lets not forget to pay $20 tolls upon entering your great city, O but happened with Manhattans congestion tolls.
    The best idea is to not congest this city and LEAVE it ASAP.