HORROR IN LAKEWOOD: Man Faces Attempted Murder, Carjacking, Bias Charges After Violent Friday Crime-Spree


An Ocean County man faces attempted murder and other charges after detectives say he targeted Orthodox Jews when he carjacked a vehicle, struck two pedestrians with it and stabbed a man in the chest, Lakewood Alerts reported.

Dion Marsh, 27, of Manchester Township, is charged with three counts of attempted murder, weapons possession and three counts of bias intimidation for a series of violent crimes that occurred Friday afternoon in Lakewood, according to Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer.

At least two Orthodox Jews were in critical condition from these incidents.

The FBI’s New Jersey office said it is closely following the investigation, and will get involved if it is determined that the suspect violated federal laws.



  1. this was a terror attack that was isis inspired, but you will not here that. all you will herei that he acted alone. because he is not a white supremicist . a car ramming and a stabbing dont just happen. so the lakewood askanim are going to hold some phony press conference with the governor and police chief with helicopters above making believe that the situation is under control . this animal will be out on bail

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