TERROR IN ELAD: Three Victims Murdered, Others Critical, Manhunt For Terrorist


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Three victims were murdered and others injured after two terrorists went on a killing rampage on Ibn Gvirol Street in Elad on Thursday night. Two other victims were in serious condition, one in moderate condition and one in mild condition.

Eyewitnesses claim the terrorist was seen carrying a hatchet and a knife.

Police launched a massive search for the assailants, setting up roadblocks and dispatching a helicopter. The stabbing, coming on Israel’s Independence Day, was the latest in a string of deadly attacks in Israeli cities in recent weeks.

“We will get our hands on the terrorists and their supportive environment, and they will pay the price,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said after huddling with senior security officials late Thursday.

Alon Rizkan, a medic with Magen David Adom, described a “very difficult call” when he arrived at the scene in Elad, an ultra-Orthodox town near Tel Aviv. He said he identified three dead people at various locations and four others who were wounded, two seriously.

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, praised the attack and linked it to violence at the Har Habayis.

“The storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque can’t go unpunished,” Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said. “The heroic operation in Tel Aviv is a practical translation of what the resistance had warned against.”

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Moshe Sa’adon, the head of the Elad chapter for the organization who was one of the first responders at the scene said, “Unfortunately, one of the people injured in the stabbing incident was pronounced dead at the scene. We had performed CPR on him in an attempt to save his life but were unsuccessful.

Additionally, together with other first responders, I treated two other people who were in critical condition and three additional people in serious condition. There was one person in moderate to serious condition and a number of people who sustained light injuries.

The Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit from Untied Hatzalah is active at the scene and providing emotional stabilization to a number of people suffering from emotional and psychological shock as a result of having witnessed the incident.

Lastly, I have instructed my teams to conduct a search in the immediate vicinity for any additional people who may have been injured but fled the area.”


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Only under the premiership of such an incompetent person such as useless bennett, could such a viscious attack have occurred on this most holy day of יום-העצמאות

  2. I thought of an idea that maybe we can try and maybe it will help:
    When we go outside, maybe we should try to minimize talking on the phone if it is a conversation that can wait till later when we arrive at our destination.
    If we are not busy with our phones, then we can use both of our healthy eyes to check out very carefully our surroundings.
    May the Almighty send a speedy and quick recovery to all the injured.

  3. It’s time for Israel to corroborate with China on how to bring down terrorism to zero via artificial intelligence technology, and collective punishment

  4. Hamas did precisely what they said they would if Yidden were allowed to enter Har Habayis, something which most Gedolim throughout the generations said is Assur, as well as Chief Rabbi Herzog. There is never an excuse for terrorism; still, the far right’s insistence on entering the Har Habayis despite the knowledge that it will result in potential terroristic retaliation is nothing short of perplexing. They seem to have short-term memory of what sparked the last barrage of missiles and the war in 2000…

  5. Cut off their arms and legs and pour bleach into their wounds. Then burn them alive. Say it with me, “MAVET LA-ARAVIM! MAVET LA-ARAVIM!” I think it’s about time Israeli citizens started taking matters into their own hands. #deathtopalestinians

  6. Enough is enough. We Jews as a community need to seriously ask ourselves עד מתי and come up with a solution that will work once and for all.

  7. The Jews that went onto Har Habayis have blood on their hands! Although the terrorists have zero excuse, but Jews should care about their fellow Jews getting killed, and they knew this would be a consequence of going onto Har Habiyis. These selfish people care more about their nationalist anti halacha agenda than precious Jewish lives, and they have no consideration for all of the almonos & Yesomim suffering from this.

  8. Safardigamur

    Lets all come together as one loving nation and do serious teshuva begging Hashem to bring Mashiach and the Geula bkarov. Instead of us today in the last generations living in denial thinking we can fool Hashem-the king of kings ruler of the entire world-that we don’t get his wake up call messages to wake up to serious teshuva when serious horrific tragedies hit klal yisroel R”L