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Another Lieberman Plot: 25% Of Chareidi Chinuch Budget To Be Cut

In another decree aimed at Chareidim, Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman is initiating huge cuts in Chareidi educational networks, Kan News reported on Monday evening.

According to the report, Lieberman is seeking to implement reform in which institutions that don’t meet the requirements of the State’s core curriculum will lose a quarter of their budget, an amount estimated by the Finance Ministry to be billions of shekels.

The measures are aimed at the educational networks associated with the Chareidi parties, the Maayan HaChinuch HaTorani of Shas and Chinuch Atzmai of UTJ.

The reform will immediately cut the budget of the educational networks by 25%. The schools will be able to receive an additional budget if their students pass tests in English, math, and Hebrew.

Religious Zionist MK Avi Maoz responded to the report by stating: “Orbach, Elkin, Kahana – you’re about to be partners in an evil decree against limmud Torah. Do you remember in which eras they issued decrees against limmud Torah and who did it? Be ashamed.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Time to stop taking money from the government!!!
    Keren Hashviis is raising 45 million dollars for farmers, so not to rely on the rabanut heter mechirah (for shmita which is derabanan bizman hazeh….), and we can’t put together money so the Israeli government should not have a say in our schools and chinuch???
    Leaving out the shita of Rav Yolish Zatza”l or the Brisker Rov Zatza”l… I’m saying practically speaking…

  2. The post title is misleading. The proposal is to deduct some funding if they do not follow the rules and offer some secular education. There is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. by the way, in most places, if you don’t follow the requirements you get all the funding clawed back and accused of fraud, so this is mild.

  3. there is no end to this rashas hatred of Jews and he sits in coalition with anti Zionists Arabs, Zionist Democracy

  4. From this and other articles, it sounds like some religious schools are 100% government funded. Is this true or I misunderstand? This seems to be against what R Schach advised Chareidi politicians when Begin first offered 100% funding. R Schach suggested to take partial funding and keep private donations going rathern than fully relying on the government. Did R Schach change his view later on or someone else overruled him?

  5. Don’t forget who this man is
    Evet Lvovich Liberman

    A person born in the Soviet Union


    In the next world would you like to be
    the one who caused so many Talmiday
    chachomim so much agmas nefesh?

  6. Good!
    These “schools” don’t even give basic knowledge because they expect their “graduates” to live off welfare!

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